Martino Cattaneo. Airing out in the deepend.

New concrete bowl in Gmunden – Austria

since the big wooden spine miniramp had to be torn down due to constant wear and tear over the years, the park definitely needed a lift up. So Michael was once more able to convince conservative politicians to spend money, this time on a concrete bowl and he raised some more dough from sponsors out of the skate scene as well to fill the last financial void …

Michi Nadler. Kick turn on the column.

Gmunden miniramp session – Austria

After the contest “Rumble in the Park”, we stayed a couple of days more with Michi and skated around Gmunden… during a rainy day, we had a small session in the miniramp.

Michael Nadler and Georg Nadler. Noseblunt and blunt.

5boro mini ramp – Gmunden, Austria

These photos are taken at the after party of the Rumble in the Park organized by Micheal Nadler, behind the 5boro shop in Gmunden, Austria.