ShredFest at Pink Motel

Music, Art, & Skateboarding Fest at the legendary Pink Motel in Sun Valley, CA September 18th, 2021

Photos V Reinert @motionskate_

Dalton Dern. Frontside nosegrind

Andiey Lerma. Double grab tailblock

Backside nosegrind

Frontside Standup Grind

Backside Noseblunt

AJ Nelson. Tuckknee

Nic Rivera. Monty grind over the deathbox

Smith grind

Eggplant on the Death Box

Frontside lipslide

Mathew Wilcox. Backside Air

Layback air

Hosoi. Frontside ollie over the leg dangler

Frontside layback grind

Bennett Harada. Frontside tailbone

Jim Gray. Backside carve

Fingerflip lien to tail

Backside air

AJ Nelson. Invert

Otto Hoffmann. Frontside air

Andiey Lerma. Frontside air

Frontside lipslide

Sean Plundeke. Fast plant

Matt Wilcox. Invert

Backside olllie

Boardslide rock n roll

Frontside sweeper

Dalton Dern. Frontside blunt

Frontside grind grab

Otto Hoffmann. Stalefish

Sean Plundeke. Backside smith

Nic Rivera. Frontside feeble

Frontside smith

Ruby Lilley. Lien to tail

Frontside rock ‘n’ roll slide

Backside tailblock

Frontside tailslide

Pink Motel – Shred Fest

Steve Caballero, AJ Nelson, Kiko Francisco, and Héricles Fagundes highlights at The Pink Motel, from Shred Fest 2021.
Filmed by Deville.

Intern Artwork by Dirty