Vert Attack 12 – Malmö, Sweden

Photo report by Nicola Debernardi

Auby Taylor. Ollie to fakie

Auby Taylor. Sad plant

Alex Perelson. Backside air to fakie

Zion Friel. Madonna

Ben Johnson. Lien air

Cedric Pabich. Nose grind over the channel

Fernando Bramsmark. Fakie ollie over the channel

Augusto Akio. Boneless

Shea Donovan

Fernando Bramsmark. Frontside ollie

Auby Taylor and Jon Harald Aspheim double inverts

Auby Taylor. Fakie olllie and Jon Harald Aspheim with the invert

Jaime Mateu. Slob plant to fakie of the goal post

Kevin Baekkel. Slob air

Zion O’Friel. Front smith

Neil Hendrix. Slob channel plant

Rony Gomez. Frontside ollie

Jeremy Green. Backside air

Andy Mac. Crail air

Allysha Le. Slob fast plant over the channel

Nicole Hauser. Frontside air

Rony Gomes. Kickflip?

Augusto Akio. Frontside Crailbone

Paul Luc Ronchetti. Frontside ollie

Sam Beckett. Frontside standup grind

Sandro Dias. Frontside tailgrab

Bucky Lasek. Frontside blunt

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