Confusion Magazine – issue #13 – out now

Confusion Magazine – issue #13 – out now.

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Wez Lundry pictured with all 31 issues of Pool Dust

Looking Back Library – Interview with Kevin Marks by Sergej Vutuc

I manage each library via a spreadsheet that shows me what issues they need. When a new pile of donated magazines comes to us, the pile is organized and I go through all my lists to see what mags are needed where.

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Skateboarding, X-Games, Drug testing, and why skateboarding probably will never be in the olympics

International Olympic Committee did not like it and said if the people who wished to represent skateboarding in the Olympics did not do what was needed to be done (get drug tested), then skateboarding would not be let in the games.

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Confusion Magazine – issue #11 – free download

Confusion Magazine – issue #11 – free download

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Baumi. Frontside grinding his own creation with trowel in hand.

From Mad-law to Janwar – Indian DIY

From Mad-law to Janwahr – Indian DIY

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Rob Moss. Texas plant.

Team Trouble Laax

The Team Trouble Finals for 2016 is here. After a long weekend of partying, skating, and all around mischief in the mountains of Switzerland, 6 teams competed in the finals for a bit of prize money. Swiss Bones, Lgs, September Wheels, Warriors, Lovenskate and Witchcraft flew through the ramp, slammed into each other and slid across the flatbottom. Enjoy!

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Confusion Magazine – issue #13 – out now

confusion magazine issue 13 - jaime mateu cover

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Jaime Mateu (Spain)
Shai Balmer (Australia)
Alex Hallford (England)
Martino Cattaneo (Switzerland)
Soup (USA)

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Blue Pool (Austria)
Knock Out Pool (Belgium)
OMSA Pool (Germany)
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Portside DIY (Australia)

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Looking Back Library – Interview with Kevin Marks by Sergej Vutuc

Kevin Marks at work. Photo: Sergej Vutuc

Kevin Marks at work. Photo: Sergej Vutuc

Sergej Vutuc: Kevin, in your intro about Looking Back Library you point out buying your first Thrasher Magazine as something special. How did that thought, after all those years, push you to save your room space for magazines and what was that moment when you looked back and realize it was time for the library?

Kevin Marks: I began collecting mags in September 1986 after seeing my first Thrasher. Growing up in Kansas, the mags were my primary link to the skateboard world. I was keen to absorb as much as I could about skateboarding and my subscriptions to the magazines of the time were a vital component to that education. My many volumes of magazines moved with me first from Kansas to Colorado, and then to San Diego. I’ve never collected much else. The moment when I realized I should start the Look Back Library happened on a long drive from Ft. Collins to Portland. The year prior, I’d been working on filling holes in the magazine library at Launch – Community through Skateboarding: a skateboard centered non-profit in Colorado. I’d made several partnerships during that effort, and realized I could keep doing what I’d so enjoyed doing for Launch, but on a much larger scale and so still today Look Back Library is evolving into a network of skate mag libraries around the USA.

Looking Back Library

Looking Back Library – the Edgemont free box: an extension of the lookback library

Skateboard magazines have a very fragile age of journalism and commercial catalogs. How do you see it, also from your point of view of giving something to new generations.

I see the current generation of skaters as one that was raised on the internet.They receive their information in a very different way than what I was used to. I hope to make available to the younger generations the radical wonderfulness of print  – being able to hold a magazine in your hand and read about skateboarding.

Photo: Sergej Vutuc

Photo: Sergej Vutuc

The library is based at your house in San Diego, but the concept of Look Back is to have all around the USA spaces with the collection. How many locations are there and how do you manage it?

My home office houses one of the libraries. But others are at Skatelab in Simi Valley, Launch in Ft. Collins, Cowtown in Tempe, Shrunken Head in Portland, San Francisco Skate Club, Aura Skatepark and the House Skate Shop in Vista, and Red Curbs in Fremont, CA. Soon to be building libraries at Southside Skatepark in Houston & The Boardr in Tampa. I manage each library via a spreadsheet that shows me what issues they need. When a new pile of donated magazines comes to us, the pile is organized and I go through all my lists to see what mags are needed where. 

How do you cover all the expenses around the project?

I accept donations from private collectors that I work with. I also sell autographed magazines to help cover expenses.  If you are a private collector and need help finding rare issues, contact me at

Photo: Sergej Vutuc

Photo: Sergej Vutuc

In front of your house you also built a community free library. How do your neighbors respond to what you are doing?

The little free library in front of my house has been very well received and we continually see new faces investigating the library and taking or leaving books for it. 

Lookback Library headquarters. Photo: Sergej Vutuc

Lookback Library headquarters. Photo: Sergej Vutuc

What are you planing for rest of year for Look Back Library and how can people support you?

I’m currently on tour for the next seven months, building libraries around the country and curating a classic skate magazine exhibit that I’m calling the #BrotherBoarderPowerSlap tour. the exhibit is visiting 54 cities and attendees have the opportunity to buy a magazine from the exhibit. 

No Comply skateshop in Austin, Texas.

No Comply skateshop in Austin, Texas.

Spreading the word about our tour and our general mission is very much needed.  And we also need your help to find old magazines.  Do you know someone with a bin of old mags under their bed or in their garage… We want those mags… Do you make a zine…. send it to us….  in addition to magazines, we seek regional zines, international magazines, and books… anything in print about skateboarding… our next frontier is to start taking vhs and dvds. 

Slappys Garage in San Diego with Smolik, Willy Santos and Jason Carney

Slappys Garage in San Diego with Smolik, Willy Santos and Jason Carney

Wez Lundry pictured with all 31 issues of Pool Dust

Pool Dust display at Cowtown exhibit. Wez Lundry pictured with all 31 issues of Pool Dust

zine exhibit at SouthSide Skatepark

Zine exhibit at South Side Skatepark

Skateboarding, X-Games, Drug testing, and why skateboarding probably will never be in the olympics

Editorial by Roy Løsnæss

Xgames was coming to Norway. “I have to experience this”  i said to my self, quietly almost whispering. Xgames are the devil for my generation, but i did not foresee that this contest maybe going to be the contest that kept skateboarding out of the olympic games?

International Olympic Games had a meeting with the parties that seek to represent skateboarding in the Olympic games recently. In the meeting they mention this Xgames contest in Oslo. They were pissed at Xgames because they didn’t have any in game drug testing during the contest. In games, drug testing means they can test you on contest day. IOC did not like it and said if the people who wished to represent skateboarding in the Olympics did not do what was needed to be done, then skateboarding would not be let in the games., understanding the IOC demanded drug testing for skateboarding to be mandatory if skateboarding ever should be a part of Olympic games.

But why did this contest suddenly became this important to skateboarding in the olympics? Well, Norway is a six month of winter kind of country. And we know how to use a pair of skies, and to win olympic gold medals in cross country skiing and other winter stuff. But you still ask your self why ? You see,the olympic games are having a major PR issue on their hands with all the corruption going on in their organization and how they choose where the games are located for the next games. It’s a system rigged for corruption and we all know it. And Norway just said no to having the games in 2022. And we did not only say no we said “Hell no and fuck your corruption“. That was a big shock to the international olympic comittee. And IOC was hoping by having the games in  Norway they could boost their PR issue since we did the games so well in 1994. We said hell no to them and since then, IOC is trying to woo Norway every chance they get.


Tony Hawk once said that the olympic games need skateboarding more than skateboarding needs them, and the IOC know this all to well. They are facing a generation that don’t have any interest or feelings toward Olympic games because they never watched it. And they hoped that getting skateboarding into the olympic games would get the kids back into the folds. Facing the loss of a new generation and all the backlash of corruption, the Xgames contest in Oslo was suddenly the big test. And they met Disney Corporation, at it’s worst (or best). Disney owns ESPN who owns Xgames. And they control everything, and by everything it means drug testing too. And they just said fuck off to Norwegian Sport Federation (NSP) to test at contest day.

And the shit hit the fan. Three days before contest day, NSP pulled out of the contest  because of no testing, and they bullied the snowboard federation to pull out of the competition and they implied strongly in the press, that this is a big drug party coming to town. And everybody started flinging shit at each other like the monkeys they are.

But it was a major negative turn against Xgames. The impression Norwegians had was that Xgames are bad guys that do drugs. And the only way they (NSP) could get their message through is by giving skateboarding the old “either you do this or you are out”  routine. But it was a weird experience. The shit storm in front of the games and during the games – a bit like Disney on ice coming to town.

I am no fan of disney on ice or disney corporation and it was only being reassured during the contest. It felt in the end like one big marketing scheme that was very subtle but we were force-fed commercials depending on our income. We were segregated by the color of our pass where you could sit. I could not use the only toilet in house because wrong color of my pass. But then a cool lady offered to walk me to the toilet because she had “walking rights”. Everything was so controlled.

But the skateboarding that was going down was super good. And all the skateboarders were super nice and they really impressed the norwegian kids, their families and media. So it was a hit amoungst the kids and they put shame on NSP and IOC. So their plan to make xgames look bad misfired and when you think of that fact that Disney would get paid for doing this. They received 42 million krowns (€4.5 million) from Oslo city to hold the event. They didn’t spend shit, they got it for free! I think this is the thing that NSP is most pissed off ab0ut. They also signed a deal for five years of XGames in Norway. But NSP is not going to back down next time, so I would not have any hopes that it would be an xXgames next year in Oslo. NSP is known for holding a grudge for a long time and use their power to force / bully federations and organizations to go their way. And they are willing to show their power if they need too and in this case they are waiting for the next showdown.

But skateboarders in Norway do not belong to NSP yet, so they can’t bully them into it like they did with the snowboard federation. And to think that we skateboarders almost got hijacked into the NSP by the parents of skateboarders. In Norway we have an organization for us (NORB), but they have so few members and the only people that are permitted to vote or come with suggestions is the people that pay. And the only people that pay are the parents of skateboarders. And they don’t skate!

But if IOC says no to skateboarding in the olympics because of this contest, then there will be a Xgames next year in Oslo. You could either love it or hate it but maybe we all have to, in the end of all this, say thank you to the disney corporation and xgames for keeping skateboard out of the olympics? Now that’s a mindfuck for you.

Look at all these bullshit advertisers....

“Look at all those bullshit advertisers…. and which mega corporate sports company happens to sponsor the three “winners”. It’s an inside job…. corrupt. You let in the corporations… You trusted them. You fucked up.” (ed)

Article by Roy Løsnæss, Confusion magazine writer / filmer / contributor from Norway.

Confusion Magazine – issue #11 – free download

Confusion Magazine issue #11 now available as a free online download.

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DIY Skate spot check outs:

Six Side (Canada)
Butler’s Backyard (USA)
The Cutie (Switzerland)
PFK Pool (Japan)
Brain Drain (Australia)

Skate features include:

Colorado Scene Report – (USA)
Gen’s Pool – (Japan)
7 Hills – (Jordan)

And interviews with:

Leon “Lele” Zuodar

From Mad-law to Janwar – Indian DIY

Interview with Baumi Baumsen about Janwahr DIY in India by Jonathan Hay


What’s the spot called. How did it get the name?

The spot is called Janwar Castle. The idea came to me a couple weeks after we had built up a lot of stones in the park. The whole outline of the park is decorated with stones so that the whole park looks like a castle / fortress. So you’d better be careful if you fly out of the park. It could end up painfully if you fall into the rocky moat.


Is it DIY?

Hmmm, if DIY means making your own tools? Or if Tony and Sourabh risking their lives to hook up a power supply and tap into Indian overhead lines and building our own DIY outlets and fuse box construction lights? If DIY means the whole park is built by 90% of people who have never built a skate ramp? If DIY means doing what you want and making ramps in a freestyle build, sometimes 60 hours straight without sleeping, eating or drinking? If DIY means using your own money at the end. If DIY means that at the beginning there was nothing and now you have a fully functional park with 41 meters of self shaped granite coping? Yes, it’s DIY.


Where is it?

Janwar, Madhya Pradesh, Central India somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Janwar is a small village with no power (except a few hours a day) and no running water. The next small (big) city called Panna is around 8 km away. It’s a place where kids have nothing to play, girls and women have no say and men are corrupt as fuck. Beautiful nature at least.

What’s the background on the project?

We the School want to create a better life and learn employment techniques for kids and girls over there. Behind the idea of making a skatepark in Janwar / India stands one person, who’s name is not worth mentioning here. I call her the Dragon of Janwar Castle in a yellow jacket and turquoise helmet. While we worked at the park we got told by the village people that they used that place before as a spinach field. And now they lose 30,000 rupees every year. They were not really fine with the Dragon who came and took the land from them! For us it was like a first view of how ruthless somebody can be in the name of charity. The background is to give the kids a place where they can be kids. Also to get them to school. No school / No skate! Later on they want to build a Womens’ center and some Internet / Computer house as far I understood. Believe me it is hard to listen to the Voice of a Dragon in a yellow jacket and a turquoise helmet. So basically the skatepark gives the kids activity, friends and community and all the good things that belong to skateboarding. But be careful of the Dragon in the background who is sitting there and use good people like marionettes! Corruption can be everywhere! We got to feel it.

Which companies are involved?

Yamato Living Ramps, + 2er, Holystoked, Skateaid who were in charge to get in contact with Skatepark Builders, transferring the donated money for the project tax free to India and supplying some boards and guards and helmets for the kids. And
we the school.

Which people built the park?

Atita Vergehse, Shake (Abisheck Shakenbake), Happy (Gautham Kamath) from Holystoked Collective from Bangalore, India.

Tony (Devendra Uniyal)and Sourabh Sharma Dehli Electric Boyz-Freemotion from Dehli, India.

Finn Re AND Jacob Wiese ARNIZ Crew from Germany.

Don Everett Bach and Augustin Vanuxem NNTv from Dehli, India.

Angad Singh Gwalio from India.

Filip Jedraszak from Malmö, Sweden.

Aditya Gupta –  Freemotion skateboarding from Dehli, India.

Uktarsh Gupta Ranchi Skaters and BMXers from Ranchi, India.

Baumi (Fabian Baumgarten) 2er – Yamato Living Ramps from Hannover, Germany.

All these people, during the time they were there, risked their lives twice daily to come to the construction site in Janwar from sleeping in Mad-Law. The 30km round-trip either on a motorcycle (sometimes without a headlight) or in two totally crappy cars, on a highway through mountains full of pits, wild animals and over-loaded trucks, passing like thunder with full speed close to the millimeter could also be interpreted as a suicide attempt.

The whole time there were long hours, sometimes up to 20-40 hour shifts,  with not enough food, super cold (at night down to zero C) and thick fog with visibility equal to zero, and I mean zero. That we survived at all is luck! Within two months we’ve saw almost every couple days a truck or a bus crashed and lying in a ditch or something got killed by an accident. For what was all this risk for every day? In order to build a park just for the love of a peace of wood. With no payment, only for the kids, skateboarding and to feel that you are still alive. The Park is Built by True People.

Who came up with the design and what was the reasoning?

I did the design and we changed somethings here and there while building, some ramps are freestyle. To explain to everybody at the site what we were going to do, Ralf Meier ( was so kind to create a 3D view of the design. Everybody could say what kind of idea they had and if it was good enough, we built it spontaneously. Yamato helped to get in contact with Skateaid, so that I could explain to them why Holystoked, together with me, was the best choice to build a skatepark in India. I convinced Skateaid with my experience I had already with building in India, that we don’t want again that a lot of money get wasted like the bowl in Pune (close to Mumbai) because nobody included the skater! Skateaid understood that and also that we are the best solution to get a skatepark (400 square meters) with the budget We the School had. Sad that We the School work with a Dragon who is not able to listen because the Dragon has too much to do with spitting fire at everybody around her. The Dragon missed the point of why we are the best solution and felt really quickly disturbed by us, but before the Dragon showed up with her real face she let us finish the park.

Is there water nearby?

Yes luckily. Located next to the construction site is a source and a fountain. However, no drinking water. If that was empty, good luck! We had no transport the last three weeks, and it was 8km to the next shop.

What do the locals think about the park?

The villagers were, in the beginning, not sure about the sense of all that, (they lost the field of spinach that they were allowed to use). They didn’t know anything about skateboarding. So it was a long process before they understood the evolution that came with that place and skating. The kids love it and used the finished ramps like a slide while we worked on the rest. They took care of us better than the Dragon. They helped us with food, motorcycles, warm fire and they don’t even have anything of that by themselves really. But they saw the bad body condition everyone of us had, through the worse conditions we had to live in.

Does anyone there skate?

Yes the kids are skating now. They have two rules “Girls First” and “No School – No Skating”. Some tourists visited the place as far as I know. But mostly the kids of Janwar.

How do you plan to provide skateboards for the community to actually use the park, or is that their problem?

Skateaid supplied skateboards and safety gear to the kids, so they all have boards now. How they get stuff in the future the Dragon is in charge of, but I will try to keep one eye on it and Holystoked another.


Do you think euro / us skate teams will start doing tours of India with more and more diy spots and skateparks to skate, or is it still along way off?

I think so. They already did it right! Skateboarding in India grows! And fast, in 2013 you had maybe around 30-50 skateboarder and 3-4 places to skate in the whole of India. Now the scene count is over 1000-2000 skaters, if I had to guess. And not sure about how many new spots, but a lot that I can say for sure! The country and the population is so big that skateboarding just gets lost and you almost can’t see or feel skateboarding in India if you are not into it. But all of them, the whole scene, is working hard to get the attention from the rest of the skate world and they deserve it. If you are born in India and your family is not rich you have definitely don’t have it easy. And they have a lot of rippers out there who live in the worst condition you can imagine and are still going to skate. I respect that! It takes a little while before India gest the right attention for sure, but one day they will get what they deserve, otherwise they will come and take it! India have a billion people, imagine if just 1% of them start to skate!



How did you build this park without the involvement of Levis, Nike, Redbull, or Converse? I thought they were the KINGS OF DIY! haha

Yeah you thought so but what you didn’t know is that the 2er crew are the KINGS OF DIY! haharhar.


How was it funded?

The money was raised by We the School. They did some auctions where some artist designed some used boards and sold them for 300$ each. Atita Verghese, the first female skate ripper of India designed one board for one of these auctions. Skateaid donated also some money and took care of a few things even if it wasn’t there responsibility. Yamato Living Ramps and 2ER donated some shaping tools for the project. Mantu the owner of the land put also some money in. And thanks to all the people who donated for my flight back home after I got ripped off by the Dragon of Janwar Castle. Without these people I would had been stuck in India, after I worked my ass off.


Plans for the future building skateparks in 2nd and 3rd world nations?

I go to Rwanda/ Africa, in 2016 to build a skatepark. Even after all this the Dragon tried to ruin my name and Holystoked’s name, first by calling me behind my back a drug junkie (ohhh, we smoked some w**d) and second with saying that the Holystoked skatepark in Bangalore (we built a few years ago) is closed because of drugs and alcohol. Skateaid is smart enough to see the truth and asked me to do the Rwanda Project. Also I continue trying to support the Indian skate scene whatever comes, however it looks. I have a few ideas for some projects that would need a lot of support. So in case somebody is able to support some great ideas for skateboarding in India or you think I can help you in some ways with your project, get in touch with me!


Thanks to….?

My buddy from the construction of the Janwar castle. Holystoked Collective, ARNIZ, Free Motion, NNTv. My Homies at Yamato Living Ramps and 2er without you…. wouldn’t be able to do stuff like this!

And special thanks to the Living comedy show Tony and Sourabh the Dehli Electric Boyz!

Tony on our first session in the Park “I just realized that my first concrete park that I skated, I had to build.

Sourabh on one our Bike trips with no light in the night “Don’t waste energy, waste your LIFE!!!

Never Forget! Thx.  – Baumi

Baumi. Frontside grinding his own creation with trowel in hand.

Baumi. Frontside grinding his own creation with trowel in hand.


Interview with Baumi Baumsen by Jonathan Hay / Confusion Magazine