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  • Killer 50-50s Pool Jam – 2019 – La Kantera

    The second edition of the “Killer 50-50s Pool Jam” went down September…


    Blokes is an 80s influenced British street-life comedy violence skateboarding film written, directed, filmed and edited by Ed Hubert and his starring cast Jake Snelling, Jack Lammas, Craig Questions, and Dan Singer, co-starring Stockwell locals and friends.

  • Mini Vert Ramp – Civitavecchia, Italy

    On the west coast of Italy, an hour from Rome, in the countryside above the “port city” of Civitavecchia, a bunch of friends tired of the long political trials and false hopes, decided to move on and turn their dreams into reality. So once the place was found they put their money and their energies together and started building an 80s style wooden ramp in the backyard of a friend’s mom.