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  • ROG Skatepark – Ljubljana, Slovenia

    The Rog nation managed to resist by organizing a never-ending festival and opening the place to a wider public. Musicians, artists and performers came from everywhere to give support. Just to show how important a place like this truly is. In the end, Rog was built by people, active citizens, who devote a great part of their lives to providing autonomous and low-cost solutions to many of the city’s flaws.

  • Guaje Skates – 2nd anniversary Bowl Contest – Gijón, Spain

    Guaje Skates indoor skatepark & school – two year anniversary bowl contest….

  • Beaulieu DIY – Support Your Local DIY V

    The expression DIY gets thrown around a lot nowadays and we at Beaulieu are guilty of it too. It’s become a buzz word that gradually loses its meaning as it is overused and coopted by big companies to sell us our slice of counterculture.