• Joni Kiiskila. Fixing the bar onto the ramp before going for the boneless at Suvilahti DIY.


    Klapi is a fully Finnish company. We like sauna and beer. The OG members who started this are Joni Kiiskilä (featured on the cover of Confusion issue #16), Oskari Kantonen, Jukka Maine and Markus Aso.

    This is the final movie of Klapi. Enjoy if you can, have a fucking good time! R.I.P. Klapi.

  • Dumb Skateboards – River Dumbsters

    A skate trip From Lodi to Venice by canoe. 350 km through 2 rivers, Adda and Po. No plans, no organization, no reason.

  • The Shrine. Photo: Olivia Jaffe

    The Shrine – Confusion interview

    The Shrine – Confusion interview