Pool Bay DIY – Marseille, France

Photos by Alexandre Montesinos  @alexandremontesinos

Tao and Elias have been building the DIY spot since September.

To donate for more concrete and supplies, click here.


Elias & Taomi

Taomi. Frontside Wallride

Elias. Frontside Smith Grind

Taomi. Frontside Rock’n’roll

Lucien. Rock’n’roll

Elias. Backside Wallride Sad

Noé. Frontside Boardslide

Noé. Frontside Rock’n’roll

Adam passing it to Mauro


Adam. Backside 50-50

Noe & Adam. Back to back

Taomi. Frontside air

Elias. Frontside Nose grab Onefoot Pivot

Taomi. Frontside tail tap

Elias. Backside Boneless

Léo. Transfer from the quarter pipe.

Taomi. Backside wallride mellon grab

Noé getting pushed in for speed


Taomi. Frontside Tailblock

Elias, Noé, Adam, Léo, Lucien, Enzo, Pierre and Taomi

Taomi. Front rock

To donate for more concrete and supplies, click here.

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