Confusion magazine – issue #27 – out now!

Cedric Oosterhoff. Frontside ollie transfer at PortLand DIY in Basel, Switzerland. Photo: Alan Maag

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Issue #27

Features on:
Zane Timpson (USA)
Shem Bragg (Australia)
Detox Tour (Germany/Denmark)
Raakel’s Ramp (Estonia)
Ray Gurz of Lost Soul Skateboards

DIY Spots:
11th Street DIY (Tacoma, WA)
The Grove DIY (London)
Agarasa Pool (Japan)
Plage Des Casernes (France)
Portland DIY (Switzerland)
Jamie’s Spot (Tofino, Canada)
Zika Farm (Baltimore, MD)

And an photographer interview with:
Kevin Salk – “80s punk rock photos from a teenage fan”.

and way more…


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ISSUE #27 Out Now!

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