Dietsches’s Pool Dreams of Californication

Dietsches, founder of OMSA (Old Men Skate Association), in Düsseldorf, Germany, headed over to Southern California in the dead of German winter to skate some pools and hang out in the California sun with his friend Billy Runaway (owner of Addikt Skateboards) as well as Lance Mountain, pool skating writer Ozzie, Kenny King, Tony Alva, Jay Adams and more… sometimes dreams can become reality.

Photo + Video: Dietsches

Beech pool, Palmdale

Beech Pool, Palmdale

Beech Pool, Palmdale

Beech Pool, Palmdale

Dietsches and Lance Mountain sweeping the pool

Dietsches kickstanding over the light in the shallow end

Dietsches fs slashing Ridiculous Pool

Gonzales Pool, Santa Monica

Kenny King. Clean it and then grind it.

Lance Mountain's Pool

Lance's 2nd Pool

Blue Tile Obssession OZZIE letting his skating tell the story this time

Another pool in Palmdale

Patt Torres. Backside grind. Palmdale pool

Yet another Palmdale Pool

Palmdale Pool Project

4 fingers coping at the San Bernidino Pool

Salbaland Pool

Salbaland Pool #2

Salbaland Pool #3

Dietsches at Ridiculous Pool

Dietsches backside grab grind at Ridiculous Pool

Pool Skate Tattoo

Salbaland Pool (death box detail)

Pool Beauty. Palmdale

Dietsches. Frontside grind at the Beach Pool in Palmdale. The end.

Some captions taken from Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Some lyrics have been slightly altered to serve their purpose in this article. Don’t sue me. I used to love RHCP when I was 11. I even bought the vinyl records Freakey Styley and Uplift Mofo Party Plan. [-ed]