Zipper Bowl DIY – Washington

Built in April of 2021, money for materials by United States government stimulus checks and donations. Builders paid in room and beers, food and mushrooms. Thanks to skate mom (Amber Allphin) for taking care of the crew and letting us barge yours and Jay’s house for a month. Adult booze and weed easter egg hunt was the best!

Tattoos in the basement, work all day and night, karaoke till the cops come, boar spear championship, drill/zip a screw through your finger (how the bowl got its name “zipper bowl”). Thanks for the hospitality Jay and Amber!

Phase 1 more to come…

Ellensburg, Washington
United states, 98926
Jason Clifton’s Backyard

Built By:
Jake Montano, Dallin Carlson, Logan Mallick, Damon Mallick, Adam Baker, Cody (Lizard Man) Foust, Jason Clifton, and Jack.

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