Norfolk, Virginia DIY

Photos by Daniel Simmons @the_ibuprofen_chronicles
Extra photos by Ryan del Rosario @bambu_shootz

On the outskirts of downtown Norfolk, VA lies the remnants of a time passed, of a waterway once filled with busy warehouses, docks and factories. One of these said relics of the past, a slab of what is believed to be a once cold storage warehouse. This abandoned slab was a DIY skate spot for locals before the pandemic of 2019.

Around 2019 the city of Norfolk started a rejuvenation project of the area. This area was to be turned into a recreational area for the people of the city for walking, running, and biking. All DIY features were demoed and the area was repurposed. The only remnants of the DIY left were a couple parking blocks. The area sat slightly abandoned by the construction effort and unmaintained by the city. Silt fences and a unkempt landscaping job was the opportunity the locals were looking for.

A little less than a year ago someone dropped off a couple wooden quarters right before his move to Richmond, VA. The ramps stayed and were skated till their demise from the weather and heavy use. Seeing this opportunity, two months ago some other guys dipped their toes in the water again and poured a small concrete quarter pipe. Other features have been added in the past few weeks. A few bags of crete mix can make a huge difference and build community in your local area. Get out there and make a difference in your community.

@dylan__doyle slob plant
@mike_fava backside nose pick
@allhailskaten switch front blunt
@dylan__doyle layback tail block
Braden League @turbo_curbo / pop shuv tail grab
@mwoerner_ncentiv / varial heel
Mike Fava. Backside 270 transfer.

Extra photos by Ryan del Rosario @bambu_shootz

Gabriel Bashford @_inthestreet_ transfer
@the_weather nosegrind
@owenheckrayfieldskates blunt to fakie
@bradshawtyler rock n roll

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