Queen of the Park – FDR Skatepark

July 2nd, 2022

“We are happy to bring back our second girls event at the baddest place to skate. We all worked hard and got things ready for it. As we kicked off our event for the ladies this year we are getting ready for the 4th. We look forward to seeing all of you out there supporting our scene and we would love to thank all of our sponsors out there for backing us up and keeping skateboarding rad. Thank you Confusion Magazine.” – Los Estrada (@los4vws)

@broke_ass_vegan stand up frontside grind. Photo @los4vws

Photo @sk8duartic

@cduerr_ frontside grind. Photo @los4vws

Photo @zolidelphia

@celinameehan frontside air. Photo @los4vws

@Harmony_Hunnie Rock n Roll. Photo @los4vws

@harmony_hunny Frontside ollie. Photo @los4vws

@sarahshreds stand up frontside grind. Photo @los4vws



Queen of the Park – FDR. Flyer by @MollyGotti

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