Södervik Mästare – VOL 3 – Suvilahti DIY. Helsinki, Finland

João Alves. Frontside Nosegrind

“By homies, for homies. Real shit no gimmics. Södervik Mästare VOL 3 – Suvilahti DIY #SAVESUVILAHTIDIY ”

Södervik Mästare VOL 3″ is Swedish and means “Suvilahti Championship VOL 3”. It was also Suvilahti DIYs 10 year anniversary party!

During this same weekend there were three different events:

– FRIDAY @helride_event (around city)
– SATURDAY @sodervik_mastare (in suvilahtidiy)
– SUNDAY @koffinvauhtikisat

These are fully independent of each other but we naturally support each other by promoting, and having all in the same weekend due to guests coming overseas etc, we got Tom Remillard from San Diego, João from Brazil etc., long distance travellers.

Photos by Keke Leppälä (@kekeleppala)

Tom Remillard. Frontside Air.
Briston Basola. Nosepick Yank in Disaster
Tom Remillard. Frontside Standup Grind
Bruno Sendra. Ollie
Bike poliisi
Jesse Hukka. Backside 5-0 to Backside Tailslide
Tom Remillard. Frontside Boardslide
Kevin Baekkel. Madonna
Joao Alves. Stalefish
Kevin Baekkel. Tweak
Tom Remillard. 50-50 to 50-50
Kevin Baekkel. Frontside 5-0 yank in off the shark fin
Joel Ahola. Invert.
Kevin Baekkel. Frontside Lipslide
Luca Karhu. Frontside Standup Grind
Kevin Baekkel. Frontside Stall Yank in.
Tom Remillard. Backside Smith
Speedrace Samu
Karvonen and KevinBaekkel
Intern Artwork by Dirty

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