07/08/2021 WHAT A DAY TO REMEMBER – that one was for the books…

I’m speechless. History went down and mayhem was made along with new and old friends, it felt like the 90’s. Thank you to everyone that played a part of this day, whatever you were doing, drinking beer, screaming out your lungs or being the one putting on a show… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  Five months in the making, organising bands, DJ, skaters, BMX riders and the venue. Numerous emails, phone calls and meetings along with endless chats with homies and meetings. I handed out 50 flyers and hoped people would believe in what I had organised. 500 tickets later we had a sell out show and we were in for one hell of a day. It all started with a message to the @indianoceanhotel asking if I can empty the pool and have my friends ride and skate. The rest is history. – Shane Ellis

Photos by Shane Taylor (@shaniac_t_photography)

Jon Cahill. One footer
Jon Cahill. Frontside Air
Jeff @oceanneptune Feeble to fakie
Sam Orme. Frontside Air
@swelbow. Frontside 5-0 yank in
Brendon Cross. Crailslide
Jon Cahill. Frontside Boneless
Jon Cahill. Blunt to fakie
Sam Orme. Layback front rock

Some BMX action:

Sam Orme, Going down…
Jon Cahill. Stand up frontside grind roll-in
Sam Orme. Boneless drop in
Sam Orme. Pool side shenanigans
Group Photo

Intern Artwork by Dirty

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