Puerto Vallarta Ditch and DIY – Mexico

Words by Mauricio Ortiz

In 2012, my brother Emilio Ortíz and I (Mauricio Ortíz) began to build the skatepark, this construction arose because in Puerto Vallarta there is only one skatepark where we all skate, at that time that place to skate was not very good since for  physical and aesthetic details did not meet many spots to skate and improve, also my brother and I live very far from the skatepark in Puerto Vallarta, so we decided to build our own skatepark on our grandmother’s land since they  have a seafood restaurant called “Mariscos La Langosta Campestre” and also a ranch, which for us is like our second home and so we thought:  “here we can skate, eat, relax at the same time and we are much closer to skate”. The ranch is only five minutes away from what is normally our house.

Daniel Resendiz. Frontside Air on the DIY.

What we had to do to build it:

The skatepark was created with our own money, sweat, time, effort and manpower.  Since my brother and I were small back then, it was very difficult to collect money since we did not have a stable job, we only worked once a week in my family’s restaurant and it was somewhat slow to be getting money quickly.  For this reason, the little money that we were collecting, was built first piece by piece since we set a goal of certain meters, at the same time we decided to save more to build larger parts and so on until we finished what the skatepark is now.

For us, our skatepark is to go skating and relax in nature and forget about everything, without any internet distraction etc.  Just skate, relax, eat some delicious seafood in the restaurant and spend time with friends.  Don’t focus on anything else, just that.

Daniel Resendiz. Caveman blunt off the parking block made by Emilio Fernández
Mauricio Ortiz. Frontside blunt
Mauricio Ortiz. Frontside Air
Daniel Resendiz. Texas Plant
Emilio Ortíz. 360 Flip
Mauricio Ortiz. Kickflip

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