Skatebuilding day – Sbec

A short documentary made by Sbec about the construction of the new bank at Bobila Skateproject, in collaboration with Vans, opening celebrated on 21st Go skateboarding day in Badalona (Barcelona).

Spot built thanks to:
Emilie Llebaria, Nico Cook, Toni Lopez, Oscar “destroyer” Osuna
with the help of: Juan David ( parce ), Damián Vásquez, Mariosec, Enrico, and more locals.

Andrés Rodes, Ibu Sanyang, Amy Ran, Daniel Cardona, Paola Flores, Dario Mattarolo, Guillem Carbonell, Sergio Iborra, Adri García, Alex Montero, Angelo Sisto, Matias Reyes, Javier Menendez, Sergi Marquez, Toni Ron… & more!!!

Thanks to a Vans, Bobila Project, Danny Wainwright, Tidymike.

Go Skate”Building” Day Vans X Bobila D.I.Y. 2019

Video Edit:
Damián Vásquez
Back to basics – Volviendo al origen

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