Guaje Skates – 2nd anniversary Bowl Contest – Gijón, Spain

Guaje Skates indoor skatepark & school – two year anniversary bowl contest. April 6th, 2018 – Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

Photos + Film and edit by J. Hay

I took photos for half an hour til someone knocked my flash into the bowl and it broke, so I filmed the rest of the time…  but here’s ten photos before the lights went out.

Jaime Mateu. Lien disaster

Ian Campbell. Madonna

Carioca. Lien stall

Danny Leon. Frontside air

Enrique Giles. Backside nosegrind

Pepe Nünez. Frontside tailslide

Pablo Carranza. Frontside nosebone

Lolo Revilla. Backside feeble to fakie

Jaime Mateu. Finger flip lien disaster

Ian Campbell. Stalefish

And if you want to see a different perspective from of the whole bowl and the whole contest, not just the dudes and masters on the extension, then here you go:

and the results:

Jaime Mateu (Mallorca)
Danny Leon ((Madrid)
Enrique Giles (Bizkaia)

Kini González (Aviles)
Ibon Mariño (Vitoria)
Fony Ardao (Gijón)

Julia Beredetti (La Coruña)
Valentina Alanes (La Coruña)
Kyara Barayazarra (Bermeo)

Under 16 boys:
Gabriel Salazar (Madrid)
Ekain Rodríguez (Bilbao)
Keltsa Sanchez (Santander)

Under 16 girls:
Julia Beredetti (La Coruña)
Valentina Alanes (La Coruña)
Kyara Barayazarra (Bermeo)

Under 10 boys:
Adrián Moreno (Santander)
Jon Menendez (sopelana)
Felix Fraile (Gijón)

Under 10 girls:
Gadea moja (Getxo)
Naroa Escanciano (Oviedo)
Begoña Iraizoz (Pamplona)

Sponsored by Globe, Element skateboards, Confusion magazine, Screwed Hardware,, Mimaría hempworks, Hoax mfg, Household Skateboards, < La Teya.

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