Manserama 2018 – Tampere, Finland

Words and photos by Nicolas Bouvy

Here we go again. The guys from Tampere (Finland) gathered us for a hell of a weekend. If u had a chance to read about the Trelogy festival last February, you surely remember the crazy session at Manserama in Kenneli DIY with Russell, Kimbel and the guys. These are the Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat ry, the collective from Tampere, that threw us a summer pool/bowl outdoor contest at Iso-Vilunen last weekend. Is Tampere becoming the capital of heart of Finnish skateboarding? I would say so!

So, Friday morning I went to pick up my buddy Jartsi « JP » and started the trip from Kuopio. Later we would meet Äri, our Kuopio friend, who joined us from West-Finland where he’s building some new concrete waves. Once the evening started we headed to the Kenneli DIY for the pre-party. We directly saw all the guys there, like Teemu the « Warden » of the place and of course Jani « Maksy » Mäkelä. Sessions soon started everywhere – in the mini ramp outside, the pool, and slowly the Vert was becoming the main spot. Everybody got fired up fast and it didn’t look like anyone was saving their energy prior to the big contest of the next day. And also the liver was in action, with great locally brewed beer passing from hand to hand.

Jonas Bunger aka Ginger and Lukas Olsen from Denmark joined the session pretty fast and fuck! this Vert felt like a mini for them. Alex Hallford from the UK was not shy neither. Of course, the Finnish locals, Jani, Äri and Ville Natunen, a friend who has a great surfin’ style, were on fire too. Jussi Korhonen, the Finnish Vert legend showed us that the older generation has so many tricks to pull from their pocket. Akseli Suikkari, a local young gun, made some heavy tries on sadplants. So after enjoyin’ everybody’s company and bit too much of the local brews we hit the caravan for the night.

Jani « Maksy » Mäkelä can’t wait for the park to be finished, transfert from the mini.
Ville Natunen. Eggplant
Äri Jääskeläinen. Monty grind
Ville Natunen. Frontside air
Lukas Olsen. Boneless
Jani « Maksy » Mäkelä. Frontside ollie
Jonas Bünger. Boneless
Lukas Olsen. Fakie ollie
Jussi Korhonen. FSA
Ville Natunen. Frontside invert
Alex Hallford. Fakie ollie

Saturday was the big day. We drove to the other side of the city to the Iso-Villunen park, and went to the concrete beauty built a few years ago with the magic hands of Concrete Proof and Beaver Concrete. The contest had three categories: Juniors, Women, and pro and am guys together. After the youngsters turn, once again the girls showed us that they can rip in Finland ! Tiina Heikkilä (1st place) landed some very sweet layback airs to tail. Stylish liptricks are no stranger to Tiina Heikkilä (2nd place) and Iina Niskanen completed the podium with a well-deserved third place.

So, finally guys mmmhm, a few different heats lead to the finals. We were all super stoked with the presence of Pat Duffy and he rewarded us with some ragging grinds on the cradle as well as a beauty bs olliegrab in the deep end. Always so awesome to see the legends ripping.

After the qualification series we got to the finals, and believe me the heat wasn’t only inside the pool but the temperature rose much higher up within the crowd ! Ville Natunen was just insane, firing up the cradle coping like it’s nothing. He dropped furious fs-invert and eggplant. Jussi « Kärä » Korhonen, who showed us some real motherfuckin’ moves like the bs Indy-flip! He’s definitely a legend for a good reason! Respect! There were other Finns with an awesome attitude in the deep end. The one and only Mikko Kymäläinen, with his ice hockey jersey and helmet. Wearing a big smile at all times, infecting the crowd ! Viktor Palomäki the champ’ was rrrrrrroaring the coping like Big Ben at every entrance in the deep end.

Now about the visitors. I have to point out the young 17-year old London-based Alex Griffiths who showed us that in UK the future is now! Can’t wait to see him growin’ up on the board. The Den’s crew with Lukas Olsen and « Ginger » was again on fire, it looked like the last day’s session at the vert had them fired up really BIG! They didn’t leave a cm of the coping safe that day. Such amazing seeing these two dudes ripping. But the last word came from Alex Hallford from UK and wow, it was just a blast, like his last run, just tricks exploding in every corner of the deep end!

So already too much bla bla now, let’s thank everybody, Manserama 2018, Tampere « Kaarikoira » crew and Teemu Grönlund for having us! You put Tampere on the map again! See you soon Ystävat!

P.S. For this week-end, we the Kuopio guys, would like to thank our friend Lare who had to cancel last minute but organized the caravan, sauna and everything for us. We’re missing you Bro! You rock! Let’s make it next time.

1. Alex Hallford(UK)
2. Lukas Olsen (DK)
3. Jonas Bünger(DK)
4. Viktor Palomäki
5. Jussi Korhonen
6. Ville Natunen
7. Mikko Kymäläinen

1. Tiina Heikkilä
2. Susanna Suomi
3. Iina Niskanen

1. Ilmari Melartin
2. Milo Laurent
3. Eelis Melartin

Tiina Heikkilä. Layback air to tail
Pat Duffy. Backside 50-50 around the cradle
Pat Duffy. Indy air in the deep end.
Jartsi Heikkinen. Frontside crailslide
Teemu Grönlund. Monty grind
Mikko Kymäläinen. Frontside crailslide
Lukas Olsen. Tail block to fakie
Lukas Olsen. Backside nosegrind
Lukas Olsen. Stalefish
Alex Griffiths. Gay Twist
Jussi Korhonen. Backside air in the deepend.
Mikko Kymäläinen. Frontside boardslide
Jussi Korhonen. Indy flip in the deep end.
Ginger slob fast plant
Ginger enjoying Viktor Palomäki’s frontside rock

Bonus video by Marko Tienhaara

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