Vans Park Series – Hastings, Vancouver – Canada – photo gallery

Vans Park Series Canada – Hastings Skatepark in Vancouver, Canada

Warm up session and the main event + a few bonus photos from Leeside DIY.

Photography by Taylor Ballard

Cory Juneau. Frontside kickflip

Alex Sorgente. Judo

Ivan Federico. Madonna

Jagger Eaton. Frontside ollie

James Clarke. Stalefish

Roman Pabich. Indy kickflip

Roman Pabich. Nosegrab 540

Tristan Rennie. Front Blunt

Alex Sorgente. Ollie to fakie

Ivan Federico. Sugarcane

Ivan Federico. Frontside air

Josh Borden. Back smith

Keegan Palmer. Frontside alley oop

Trey Wood. Stalefish

Karl Berglind. Spine transfer

Willy Lara. Backside ollie

Adam Hopkins. Stiffy

Adam Hopkins. Backside air

CJ Collins and Roman Pabich

Kevin Kowalski. Floating a japan when no one was watching

Kevin Kowalski. Judo air

Pedro Barros. Air to fakie

Pedros Barros. Stalefish before the fans were let in

Vans Park Series – Hastings skatepark – Vancouver, BC – Canada

Earlier in the weekend before the contest at Leeside DIY

Greyson Fletcher. 180 to switch frontside stand up grind

Chris Russell. Stiffy disaster

Greyson Fletcher. Front blunt at Leeside

James Clarke. Stalefish over the hip at Leeside

Chris Russell. Lip slide smith at Leeside DIY


1st Place – Pedro Barros. 2018 Vancouver, Canada | Vans Park Series
2nd Place – Ivan Federico. 2018 Vancouver, Canada | Vans Park Series
1st place: Pedro Barros
2nd place: Ivan Federico
3rd place: Alex Sorgente
4th place: Trey Wood
5th place: Keegan Palmer
6th place: Murilo Peres
7th place: Karl Berglind
8th place: Jagger Eaton

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