Adriatic Pool Party – Fano, Italy – 2018

Alessandro Vitali and son Nicola Vitali. Photo: Riccardo

Oh yes — I call that a real DIY

There was a time long, long ago when a father had a son who loves to skateboard, so the Dad learned it too. And then the father built something to skate for his son. It was not just a jump ramp, or a Miniramp or even a Halfpipe. No it was a great Combipool!

OMG what a mystery tale, that is real. When I was young, my parents always had to do something else but never even watched me skate a contest. So and this dad: Alessandro Vitali and his son Nicola and all the crew did the made the Adriatic Pool Party Contest this June 2018.

And they also do so much for little kids who want to learn to skate. A big bunch of kiddies skateted the contest, also girls who ripped, Masters (Over 40) and Open class.

And we saw great Skateboarding.

Alessandro Mazzara. Stalefish. 1st place. Photo: Matteo Moratti
Giorgio Zattoni. Indy kickflip. Photo: Matteo Moratti

So I know and I do it also when the session is good and the feelings melting over, it´s fun to snake in, but I tell all you kiddies it’s not just to snake in fast it’s also to have a look and scan around snaking in. Otherwise, someday you will have real pain, hahahahahaha. Long grinds, high airs and endless lines had all the guests screaming.

And if you believe it or not, there is a bar right beside the Pool with three kinds of fresh draft beer. Trees all around and my favorite a fig tree is also there (it’s the best smell under a fig tree ever!) Italian BBQ and more stuff and wow I felt heaven so close.
So what else to say? The Adriatic Pool is one of the best I ever grinded and so close to the beach – Sun, Sand, Sea, and best food you can dream of. There is the real Italian La dolce Vita here!

Open category:

1st: Alessanddro Mazzara, last time I saw him was at Vert Attack and he was two heads smaller – Airs and Twist to the sky and his nosegrinds look easier than my kickturns. Only 13 years old OMG.
2nd place: Giorgio Zattoni, if I could give a crown for best style I would give it to him! (he was still hurt and he was skating without a handbrake)
3rd place: Aref Koushesh, many different handplants, wierd lip-tricks and my favorite trick of the day: Highspeed one foot corner carves.
4th place: Nicola Vitali, a major talent and we will see much more of him in the future.
5th place: Yam Bahar, from Israel. Big bag of tricks and the coolest cat of all! I saw him three days skating – but on his very last contest run he put some unseen tricks on the table. Like a miller flip ohhhhhhhhhh yes YAM we wanna see this next time as a unit, please.

Master (over 40):

1st place: Giorgio Zattoni (I think he wanted to push us oldies to a higher Level, THX my Bro)
2nd place: Fabio di Molfetta, Mamamia he surfs 10m waves, so the deepend here was like a childhood place for him. Yes a big bag of tricks in the deepend he showed us!
3rd place: Piero Capannini, THX for your invitation to visit and skate the Roma Halfpipe with you (I told him usually I only skate in over 50 category these days, and he says he is only 41, hahahaha, then I will come with a wheelchair 2027 hahahahha), cu Bro
4th place: Yes yes there where all in all 12 guys over 40 showing up to compete and I liked it.

THX for the great session with yall also to:

Jeff Podolski
Roberto Fantozzi
Mario Morigi
Gigi Selleri
Emanuele Giorgini
Paolo Busetti
Alesandro Redaelli
Mino Paulicelli

So sorry that Max Bonasi had to leave early, my 80´s Hero showed his past. Handplants and many more styles!

1st place: Anita Aravelo
2nd place: Valeria Bertaccini
3rd place: Lucrezia Zarattini
4th place: Bianca Krehl
5th place: Irene Panzavolta

Under 16 category:
1st place: Ian Matteoli
2nd place: Luca Dellavalle
3rd place: Nicolo Bandi
4th place: And about 100 more of this little shredders shows where the hammer is hanging

THX so much to y’all friendliest Italians, family Vitali and the Adriatic Bowl Crew for such a good time, cu next year again. Ciao. – Wolfgang Toth

Photos by Jeff Podolski, Matteo Moratti, Max Bonassi and Riccardo.

Wolfgang toth. Frontside grind nosegrind into the corner. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Alessandro Mazzara. Stalefish. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Yam Bahar. Stand up frontside corner grind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Alessandro Mazzara. Frontside air. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Alessandro Mazzara. 540 stalefish. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Yam Bahar. Frontside ollie. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Yam Bahar. Frontside grind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Aref Koushesh. Frontside nosegrind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Fabio Pignatti. Frontside grind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Giorggio Zattoni. Corner grind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Giorgio Zattoni. Stand up frontside grind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Nico Vitali. Frontside ollie. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Ian Matteoli. Frontside corner double truck grind Photo: Jeff Podolski
Yam Bahar. Frontsmith. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Wolfgang Toth. Frontside carve grind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Grom. Frontside air. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Alessandro Mazzara. Front smith. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Alessandro Mazzara. Frontside lipslide. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Giorgio Zattoni. Backside air. Photo: Jeff Podolski
The local beach in Fano
Adriatic bowl overview. Fano, Italy
Wolfgang Toth. Frontside carve grind. Photo: Jeff Podolski
Assault portable bar
Wolfgang and Jeff’s after party with Alessandro Vitali

Words by Wolfgang Toth
Most photos by Jeff Podolski

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