Bergfest 2012 – Battle at the Monster Bowl – Münster, Germany

Drunkfest  Bergfest 2012 was a blast, from what I can recall. The biggest German concrete bowl party of the year in Münster, at the Berg Fidel Monster Bowl, an old concrete bowl which has been restored and modernized. Airs. Lip tricks. Bomb drops. Beers. BBQ. Schnapps. NBD big rail. Monster Jäger without the Monster. Bleeders. Pukers. Ben Schroeder. Party. Adolescents. Pit. More blood. More beers. Taxis. Hotel. Party. Blacked out. Lost in translation Münster. Some photographic memories to the rescue… Photos: J. Hay Day 1 & first half of Day 2 (featuring the Adolescents): Filmed / edited by J. Hay

A guy in the amateur division, busting a fat stale fish. Can’t remember his name…. sorry. But I dug around on google and figured out it is Christopher Skubis, from Hagen, Germany, home of the best and biggest backyard pool style bowl in all of Germany! So no wonder Skubis can bust fat airs, he learned to skate in a gnarly bowl.

Ben Hatchell. Nose grind to fakie.

Ben Hatchell. Blasting out of the frame.

Jürgen Horrwarth. Front smith grind.

Renton Millar. FS Ollie.

Robin Mentrup. Full speed 50-50 all the way around the deep-end of the bowl, and about 5 centimeters away to smashing my camera.

New kid on the block, from Holland, Robian Fifield, airwalk to Fakie. Robian kills it!

Upon arrival on Day 2 of the Bergfest, this unidentified Australian was spotted at the entrance. But don’t worry, he’s a good cunt.

Tim Bijsterveld. Andrecht plant. I’m blaming Tim for introducing me to the Monster tent where you could get Jäger Monster without any Monster, for free, for riders (and photographers?). A soda cup for off Jäger on ice tastes good, but…

Tim “the bomb” Bijsterveld. If the trees were closer to the bowl, he’d climb to the top of them and bomb into the bowl.

Robian Fifield. Classic Frontside air.

Jürgen Horrwarth. FS Ollie.

Bowldside BBQers. Arne Boardstein and Captain Klepto and friends.

Renton Millar. Front smith in the deep.

Tobias Springborn. 2nd place in the Master’s Division shown here with a Lien to Tail.

Ivan Federico, backside air. Paderborner rejected ad submission.

Oliver Gordon. Standup 5-0 grind.

Jürgen Horrwarth. FS grinding the box.

Renton Millar used his vert skills to be one of the few guys, apart from Jürgen Horrwarth, Ben Hatchell and Ivan Federics to really take advantage of the big bowl at the Monster Bowl. Which to me was kind of disappointing, it was a Bowl contest, not a concrete miniramp contest which seemed like what was going on in shallow end. If you got a big deep bowl, skate it. Renton ripped the deep end.

Ben Hatchell with a big stalefish in the deep-end.

Renton Millar, transferring from the shallow end into the deepend. That takes some balls I would say.

Ivan Federico, crailsliding the deepend with style.

Ben Hatchell. Rodeo flip.

Renton Millar. Madonna.

Don’t know this guys name, well, he told me, but I forgot again. Nose pick. After the finals, before the best trick contest.

Jürgen Horrwarth. Huge backside ollie almost landing on my head. And yes, he pulled it. This one was on request.

The Adolescents.

The Adolescents. Guitar solo.

The Adolescents.

Sometimes you go to a skate event to get good footage and photos, other times you (or at least I) go to hang out with friends from around the world, share some beers and laughs, and couldn’t give a shit about taking a “perfect photo” with 20 fisheye lurkers or banners ruining the photo anyway. This was (at least) one of those times. Hope you enjoy the video even 1/10th as much as I enjoyed filming it… Next time, I’ll take my “job” more seriously… I promise.

Tim Bijsterveld and Ben Hatchell. Doubles best trick winners.

Day 1 & first half of Day 2 (featuring the Adolescents):

Filmed / edited by J. Hay Day 2 (Monster Bowl FINALS): Filmed / edited by Brian Leonard   Results, if you care: 1st place Jürgen Horrwarth (DE) 2nd place Ben Hatchell (US) 3rd place Ivan Federico (IT) 4th place Renton Millar (AU) 5th Place Andrea Casasanta (IT) Masters 1st place Thilo Nawrocki (DE) 2nd place Tobias Springborn (DE) 3rd place Oliver Gordon (AT) 4th place Daniel Beck (DE) 5th place Jörg Caprez-Keller (DE) 1st place Fabian Wenzel (18), Münster, Allemagne 2nd place Tim Turudija (19), Münster, Allemagne 3rd place Sebastian Nienhaus (23), Senden, Allemagne 4th place Patrick Bormann (20), Münster, Allemagne 5th place Christopher Skubis (25), Hagen, Allemagne To see the entire 8 hours of the BERGFEST contest and the ADOLESCENTS, click here.   Send all hate (and love) mail here.

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