The 3rd issue of CONFUSION “international skateboard” Magazine is at the printers and will be shipping out August 20th.

100 pages, offset print, on matt paper. A5/half mag size/full color

Issue #3 features:

Josh Mattson (USA)
Dave Nelson (USA)
Johannes Gabler (Germany)
Craig “Questions” Scott (England)
Keith “Meekster” Meek (USA)
Jimbo Phillips (USA)
Skeeter Thompson from SCREAM (USA)

And on-location features from:

Cuatro Casas (Baja, Mexico)
Graveside DIY (Hawaii)
Mooscrete DIY (Germany)
Innsbruck DIY (Austria)

and of course much MORE!!!….

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Confusion Magazine represents the underground, DIY international skate scene and culture; the under represented, not the over promoted. Additionally focusing on non-commercial music, hardcore surfing, and skate related art. Available at hardcore skate shops around the world.


2 thoughts on “CONFUSION MAGAZINE – Issue #3

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  2. Hey I like what you got going here. I’m a non sponcered skateboarder/surfer here on Oahu . I want to seek out the raw talent an energy of my people, the ones who ride purely out of love for it. The rippers who “get some”! Who understand the bullshit of mainstream skateboarding and surfing and don’t like the direction it’s going. I want to support their /our adrenalin addiction in the most positive Raw form . After all our parents weren’t building us skateparks an forcing us to land tricks strictly to become “professionals”. Fuck that shit. We do it because we love it. Art, music, DIY, beer, raw fucking skateboarding. I want to create a magazine showcasing the real motherfuckers who keep this shit PURE! Fuck the money just want to keep this shit REAL. Anyway I can help let me know. Or tips and advice on the topic would be great. Thanks for your time an dedication. I’m over this new era of kids raised to be jocks of skateboarding. Let’s keep this shit real ! Underground Railroad 2016. -Carter

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