ULTRA BOWL II – Malmö, Sweden – Day 1

Malmö, Sweden’s UltraBowl II held last August in Stäpelbäddsparken’s ‘backyard pool’ had some truly insane skateboard action going down! Day 1 was qualifications for the final day’s PRO semi’s and finals, and Master’s finals. Serious ripping was taking place from pool / transition skaters from all over USA and Europe. Skaters included: Kevin Kowalski, Josh Mattson, Ben Raybourn, Cody Lockwood, Zarosh Eggleston, Per Magnusson, Kevin Wenzke, Guillarme Mocquin, Julien Benoliel, Tim Johnson, Benji Galloway, Josh “Skreetch” Sandoval, Frank Faria, Alex Giraud, Björn Klotz, Anders Tellen, Mathias Nylen, Andreas “Snooken” Lindstöm… to name a few…

I didn’t take many photos the first day of the contest, the full speed and high flying antics kept me behind the video camera trying not to get smashed…in the face.

The next day would be more the opposite – not a lot of video, but a bunch of photos.

Guillarme Mocquin
Guillarme Mocquin (France). One of Europes best bowl riders, blasting almost out of frame in the qualification round.
Josh Mattson (USA). Smith around the corner.
Sean Barclay (USA). Shift frontside air.
Alex Giraud (France), Big Lien to Tail.
This guy just loved to slam. Have it.

Jaime Ruiz (Basque) 5-0.

Josh Mattson. Fakie nose blunt.

Nicky Guererro (Denmark). Crailslide in the Masters qualifying heat.
Jason Parkes (Germany) originally from San Diego, lipsliding his way into the Masters finals.
View of the Turning Torso as we headed to the Hotel for a short stop before we headed to....

[Day 2 / Finals of Pro / Masters coming next….]

Photos / Video: J. Hay

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