Abatoire 16 DIY – Grenoble, France

Abatoire 16 story of a DIY skatepark

This movie shows the construction, the ride and the destruction of one of the biggest DIY skatepark build in Grenoble, France. It take us back to year 2006, and was a big element of how the Grenoble skate scene is now. Hope you enjoy this piece of Grenoble skate history. Filmed / edited by Cho Sept

Shoobi. The building of the pool. Photo: Cho7

Construction of the outside. Photo: Cho7

Cho7 – wallride handplant on the barbeque. Photo: Boubou

THE POOL. Photo: Cho7

Shoobi. Frontside smith. Photo: Momo

A young Jojo. Frontside hurricane. Photo: Cho7

Some of the crew: Momo, Cho7, Shoobi, Floyd and Francesco

Destruction. Photo: Floyd

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