American Nomad Bowl BBQ – Connecticut

Every year Nomads make the pillage to Connecticut for the American Nomad Bowl BBQ. Jay Kelly and the American Nomad himself, Bill Danforth, host an insane weekend long camp out/skate jam in their backyard bowl fueled by beer, burgers, skateboarding and punk rock.

They added a new section of the bowl just in time for this year’s party, and everyone was eager to grind the fresh coping and hit the super tight wallride that they added in on Saturday night.

Under 95 and Sadplant played live sets and brought a whole new level of stoke. Bringing a bit of FDR Skatepark to Connecticut, Under 95 made sure to have some fireworks during their set while Danforth set the coping of the new section on fire during the filming of Sadplant’s upcoming music video.

Words by Brandon Monohan
Photos by Joe Makarski and Brandon Monohan

Greg Pachell. Airwalk to fakie. Photo: Joe Makarski
Ryan Sutherland. Backside boardslide the whooooole bitch. Photo: Brandon Monohan
Hans Frank – Frontside Grind nosegrab on an OLD Alva. Photo by Joe Makarski
Gabs Rataiczak – Frontside Layback. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Greg Harbour – Fire Frontside Grind. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Greg Pachell – Frontside Air. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Brando – Vert Wall DropIn. Photo by Joe Makarski
Mike Drake. Frontside air. Photo: Joe Makarski
Greg Harbour – Layback Hurricane. Photo by Joe Makarski
Hans Frank – Backside Boneless. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Troll – Invert. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Under95. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Zack Fox – Frontside Lipside. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Group Foto. Photo by Brandon Monohan

If you ever get a chance to make the pilgrimage to the Nomad Bowl for their yearly BBQ, pack your tents and do NOT miss it!


Thank again,

Brandon Monahan

Ace Bizarro. Alley oop backside disaster. Photo: Brandon Monahan
Brandon Monahan. On the other side of the lens floating a backside ollie over the hip. Photo: Greg Pachell
Greg Pachell shooting off some fireworks. Photo: Brandon Monahan
Ethan McCarty – Backside Wall Ride. Photo by Joe Makarski
Greg Harbour. Layback. Photo: Brandon Monahan
Hans Frank. Layback. Photo: Brandon Monahan
Hans Frank. Texas plant. Photo: Brandon Monahan
Greg Harbour. Nose blunt yank in. Photo: Brandan Monahan
Joey Fitzpatrick. Back smith. Photo: Brandan Monohan
Ricky Dormoi – Frontside Boneless. Photo by Brandon Monohan
Joey Fitzpatrick. Front rock. Photo: Brandan Monohan
AJ Malik backside grinding the pool coping and Bill Danforth flipping the bird. Photo: Joe Makarski

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