Bowlmasters 2018 – Brixlegg, Austria

Bowlmaster 2018 at the Cradle Skatepark in Brixlegg, Austria

Filmed and edited by Peter Mader

Music: The ShrineDeath to Invaders

Photography by Nicola Debernardi

Jordan Thackeray. Frontside tuckknee transfer over the hip

Jean Pantaleo. Frontside standup corner carve grind

Alex Hallford. Backside tailbone.

Lenni Jannsen

Oliver Gordon. Front smith around the corner

Alisa Fessl

Lenni Jannsen

Alisa Fessl. Invert

Tim Bijsterveld. Andrecht

Alex Hallford. Crail slide

Michi Nadler. Front smith

Hannes Bauhofer

Alex Hallford. Frontside invert

Romi Erhart. Frontside standup corner grind

Alex Hallford. Frontside tailbone

Romi Erhart. Cradle carve

Jordan Thackeray. Texas Plant

Lorenz Schneider. Stalefish

Ginger. Boneless

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