WESUCK in Namibia

In February and March it was time for another skate project. The german non-profit organization (www.skate-aid.org) have built quite a few skateparks in so-called third world countries during the last years, mainly in Africa. and this time the destination was Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. David Conrads from Cologne, Austrian Peter Stromberger and I were hired to build the countries’ first concrete skatepark in six weeks with the help of some local workers. An exciting mission for the wintertime, so off we went…┬á – Arne Fiehl

Full article to be continued in Confusion Magazine – Issue #20.

The full 20 minute video WESUCK in Namibia is a mixed bag of building the skatepark in Winhoek, Nimibia, skating it, street skating and downhills, and skating some spots in South Africa, and ending up making mini parts with the main crew David Conrads, Peter Stromberger and Arne Fiehl.

Starring Peter Stromberger, Arne Fiehl vom BOARDSTEIN, and David Marlo Conrads. Co-starring Gabriel Roma Santos and Chris ‘Cab’ Percival. Filmed and edited by Peter Stromberger and Arne Fiehl.

Music by Rory Gallagher, Mack Allan Smith, Segregated Existence, Black Lung, and Beans on Toast.

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