Push Movement – Portland, Oregon

Push Movement in celebrating our 501c3 status at @Bodecker Foundation

This is a celebration of Push Movement becoming a stand alone 501c3 and we are looking forward to seeing you all there. Bringing movement based, healthy living to the community hangout and skate, with Pizzacato pizza, Liquid Death N/A beverages and amazing music from local DJs, and raffle to win prizes from your favorite skate companies.

Push Movement’s mission:
To promote holistic, youth, & peer-based pathways to recovery – built from the culture of skateboarding and open to individuals in all stages of change.

Push Movement’s vision:
To build a local network of mindful, healthy skate communities focusing on recovery and prevention.

Photos by Olga Aguilar (@aguilar__olga)

Jimmyboyroy. Frontside air

Vision our Vision


Noah Johnson. Backside smith

Jimmyboyroy. Frontside tailblock

Backside grind

Gary Simms. Frontside air

Noah Johnson. Frontside tailblock layback

Gary Simms. Backside 5-0

Jimmyboyroy. Boneless

Kaden Ramos. One foot to fakie

Backside disaster

Nina Aguilar. Frontside air.

Kaden Ramos. Backside judo

Brent Atchley. Frontside ollie

Kaden Ramos. Backside boneless

Kim Horton. Backside grind

Nina Aguilar. Frontside rock’n’roll

Jimmyboyroy. Lien air

Kaden Ramos. Frontside air