Logr Crew (Czech Republic) discover Beauty and the Beast

One time LOGR got packed up, got into the van, got the engine started for a journey through Europe. Lógr lived from one day to another with no roof above, nowhere to sleep and without knowing what to expect the next morning. And on the road, we hit the beautiful Swiss city of Zürich, where we met Beauty and the Beast!

Nine days, eight guys, one van, DIY skateboarding, 126 beers in three days, more beers in the next days, lakes, calvados, grindcore festival at the squat, reggae and Positive vibrations, hardcore punk and Positive impact and skateboarding till four in the morning.

Thanks for everything to Nicolas from September Wheels.


Daniel Daus – Frontside air at Sihlside. Photo: Hormon

Miloš Hroch – Fakie wallride at the Beauty. Photo: Daniel Daus

Roman Spacek – Frontside disaster on extension at the Beast. Photo: Ryba

Outside view at Autonomer Beauty Salon squat where Beauty bowl was build.

Martin Svoboda – Blunt at Sihlside. Photo: Hormon

Tibor Nemes – Frontside feeble at the Beast. Photo: Hormon

During the session we had at the Beauty, a grindcore festival was held next door at the squat.

Fire! More fire! And vodka served as the main meal.

Beast, The best bed in town!