Cherry Bowl Bash 4 – Horst Club – Switzerland

On June 10th, the fourth Cherry Bowl Bash took place in Kreuzlingen in Horstklub. In addition to three loud bands from Karlsruhe, Lugano and France, there were a lot of skaters from Switzerland, Germany, Czech, and Austria. The crisp DIY bowl was completely ripped apart and the celebration was not short.

Photos by Marco Rottig.

Max Shrädder – ollie up to smith

Jacob Mauersberger – body jar disaster

Ole Bustnes – sweeper

Max Shrädder – Frontside slash

Phillip Ayad – backside carve

Fabian Stadler – Blunt to fakie in the Cherry tree

Max Shradder – Lien to tail

Tarek Sayoud. Crail

Max Shradder. Frontside disaster

Ole Bustnes – naked lien disaster

Alexander Meissner – Pivot fakie

Paul Rüdinger – Frontside disaster

Fabian Stadler. Switch nose pick

Max Shradder – Backside boneless

Skate chair in the Cherry tree

Phillip Ayad – Crail

Fabian Stadler – Frontside stand up grind

Tarek Sayoud – Rock n Roll.

Ole and Luca Windhund Fischer

Cherry Bowl Bash 4 flyer. Artwork by Daniel Trendel.