Velbert, Germany. Five tricks with Matze Preisser & Lukas Axmann in the Good Hope Hut Bowl

Yes, we just had a post on the new Minus park in Velbert, Germany known as the Good Hope Hut Bowl. But, on the way back from the Bergfest in the Monster Bowl in Münster, Germany, I hooked up a ride back to Cologne with Matze Preisser and Lukas Axmann who were keen for a shred in a new concrete park they had never skated. So, we pulled off the autobahn, pulled up under the bridge, and Matze and Lukas did a little two man demo. Here are five shots each of the dudes trying out the new Good Hope Hut Bowl which features pool coping in the deep end, a spine with metal coping, a pump bump to over the stairs carve and a taco.

Photos: J. Hay

Matze Preisser. Backside disaster on the taco. Photo: J. Hay

Lukas Axmann. Crail on the taco. Photo: J. Hay

Matze Preisser. Pivot to fakie on the taco.

Lukas Axmann. Rockin Taco.

Matze Preisser. Miller Time at Taco Bell.

Lukas Axmann. Smith grind on the side wall toward the stairs.

Matze Preisser. Backside lipslide.

Lukas Axmann. Stand up 5-0 grind.

Lukas Axmann. Crail slide.

Matze Preisser. Hurricane hits the pool coping in the deepend.

The heat was intense. The two man show came to an end. We walked across the parking lot, up the stairs, to the biggest playground I’ve ever seen in my life, bought some water and snacks, and then I slept in the backseat of the car until we arrived 45 minutes later in Cologne. The end of a long weekend. Photos and video footage of Münster’s BERGFEST coming soon.