Team Trouble – Laax, Switzerland – 2019

Video by Sean Nguyen, Skiby Bobaj and Jackson Davis. Edit by Sean Nguyen
“In the end there was no real winner cause the Lovenskate and Pocket Fluff lads decided to split pots due to the fact that Sam Beckett got injured during the final run. The Vans Team came in third and came fourth. It’s kinda weird to write this ranking cause it felt like there was just one big session out there.

Apart of that there was Jordan Thackeray and Sox winning the Best Double Award and Martino Cattaneo winning the Best Grind Award on Friday night. Clearly we’re not able to remember who exactly got some Swiss Franks out of the Cash for Tricks session, but Sam Beckett obviously crowned the first Vert Session by hitting the roof and knocking on the door for a possible Vert Jam next year.

The whole thing keeps getting better and better. The right people are coming back every year and bringing along friends. The staff organizing all of this is growing through every event and giving their best keeping things moving along smoothly. The crowd gets louder and louder. We’re getting more bands up there. And the skating just hit the roof this year. Too many thing went down… thank You to LAAX, the Freestyle Academy, Riders Club, Indy Bar and VANS Europe allow is to put together this amazing event every year.” – Alan Maag

Photos by Alan Maag and Thibault Lenours

Ben Broyd. Slob Plant.

Pieter backside boneless off Nick Bax’s belly

Chloe Bernard. Frontside rock slide

Corona hippie jump over Cedi

Corona hippie jump over Cedi (alternate angle)

Hugo Westrelin. Backside noseblunt

Jeroen and Pieter

Pieter De Clus. Kickflip indy to fakie

David Sanchez. Stand up grind up the elevator to the extension.

Jan Hirt. Nosegrind

Tim Rebensdorf. Stiffy

Sam Beckett over Sox

Gaetan Ducellier. Boneless.

Jeanne Lagger. Layback. FrontRock

Jordan Thackeray. Backside boneless on the extension

Sam Beckett. Madonna

Robin Bolian blasting over Martino and Hugo as Tim gives a high 5

Robin Bolian blasting over Martino and Hugo as Tim gives a high 5 (alternate angle)

Jeroen hand plant on Pieter’s board

Jan Hirt backside melon over Lenny’s handplant

George Poole. One foot ollie

Stale sox

Jeroen Bruggeman. Handplant off the edge

Fabio foot plant off the wall over Noam

Sox yankin’ it in to fakie

Vins Coupeau. Front feeble on the extension

Kevin over Fede

Robin Bolian. Nose bone bell ring

Jordan Thackeray. Backside nose grind transfer

Schianta caught a Big Stale Fish from the extension

Ben Broyd. Sad plant

Kid Oost over Antonie’s backside lipslide

Ben Broyd. Fast plant to fakie

Fede Boldini. One foot tail block

Ewen Bower. Fakie stalefish

Joradan Thackeray stalefish over Sox hang up nose yank to fakie

Aaron Wilmot. Bluntslide transfer

George Poole. Tre flip to fakie

Gian Matteuzzi. Frontside air

Silvano Deflorin. Back smith

Dudettes rock

Jordan Thackeray. Alley oop transfer

Jeroen Bruggeman. Slob fast plant off Pieter’s board

Kid Oosterhoff. Deck exchange

Alex Hallford. 540 off the extension shutting down the show

Robin Bolian. Frontside air to high five

Martino Cattaneo. Invert on the extension

Silvano Deflorin. Alley Oop disaster transfer

Luca Andermatt. Finger flip lien to tail

Robin Bolian 540 over Martino Cattaneo

Tim Rebensdorf. Frontside air

Raphael Marxe. Backside nosepick

Fabio Martin. Wall bash to disaster

Alex Hallford icepalnt off Aaron Wilmot

Jaime Ruiz. Layback tailslide on the extension

Martino Cattaneo. Indy kickflip to fakie

Vincent Coupeau feeble melon on the box while Chloe 5-0s around the corner

Lovenskate ollie attack

Tim Rebensdorf big gong to fakie

Robin frontside over Martino’s backside

Robin Bolian. Alley oop.

Alex Hallford. Lien air on the vert ramp

Sam Beckett. Backside roof bonk on the vert.