Oberhausen Bowl – Germany

This bowl is ready now. It´s the first decent bowl we’ve built since starting Yamato Living Ramps and it was a challenge for sure. Staying in a punk rock style youth center the whole time, everyone knows the smell of each other’s socks now. But it was a great place to stay, since it had a bar, a workshop, billards, darts and a little home cinema.

The other workers doing construction next to our site had to figure out that concrete does not always allow you to go home at 4 pm.  It’s always like that. First they point fingers on the bunch of guys doing strange work they’ve never seen before and then when it’s finished and smooth, they ask how we managed to grind off this surface so well… Good times.

The Pool is located at Flugstraße in Oberhausen-Holten and it’s part of the newly built Youth Center. It will take some more time until everything is ready, but the first secret sessions already went off and the neighbors turned their TVs louder… Check Yamato Living Ramps for the official opening session!   – 2er on fire, 3.8.2013

Words + photos: Eule