The BFH Video – A full skate video amateur from Brussels

The BFH Video is the full Dechka‘s (Kamil Sienkiewicz) project. His first two full skate videos were released under the name Sweet Skating 1 & 2, then, for not making a trilogy, he decided to change the name for the third video. After some visits by the whole crew in hospitals and big delays in filming, the name Back From Hospital was found. In late 2011 (December) Dechka uploaded a fifteen minutes video on youtube and vimeo called The BFH Promo. This one was like a big trailer with just throwaway footage. Everybody asked what does BFH mean, but the whole crew decided to keep this secret till the full video was released. Another mission with this project was to skate some good new spots, so when we were going on a filming session we just took the metro around Brussels and got out at a station then just searched for something new and creative. In this way we wanted to show to the skaters that the possibilities in skateboarding are very big – the key is to lose yourself and you will find something, just try and you’ll see. After three years of filming and a Damien’s big knee operation, Dechka decided to start the edition of the final video. Then the second mission had begun because he decided to change the ”classic” edit. By “classic” I mean, intro, part skater 1, part skater 2,… outro, etc. That’s why the BFH Video is what it is. No Part, No names, no representation…  Just a quick intro made in an empty apartment then the full title appears and all tricks come until the end. There’s also some “Déja Vu” inside the full video, to see them, you need to watch the promo first, and be attentive, then watch the BFG video. We hope that our project will motivate all skaters in the good way!  – Krzyzy Kam


Filmed & Edited by: DECHKA