El Gochu Contest III – Noreña (Asturias), Spain

On the 14th of September in the small town of Noreña in Asturias, on the north coast of Spain was the 3rd annual El Gochu Skate Contest, organized by Bacon of Household Skateboards and Valen. Skaters from around Asturias, Basque County, Cantabria and Galicia (and one guy from germany) showed up to enjoy the day skating the concrete mini ramp with two bands: La Viuda Manolete and Pripyat jamming out some punk rock tunes til late night. A fun time was had by all, and the winners won some cash, prizes from the sponsors and a trophy of a salami necklace (Noreña is famous for it’s pigs, thus the connection with the pig on the flyer, the trophies, and all the stone sculptures of swine I saw around the town).

Words and photos by J. Hay

Video by Thomvixx

Nine. Overcrooks 270 out.

Tim Schulze. Nose pick.

Tim Schulze. Popping out of a nose blunt.

Agus. Bean plant leap off the fence

Andrés Casto. 360 flip fakie

Iyan. Nosepick

Tim Schulze. 270 to switch feeble

Ocelt22. Layback air

Tim Schulze. Frontside Nose blunt transfer.

Coto. Best trick winner!

Agus. Bean plant leap off the fence (sequence).

MC Tito Lolo

El ruso loco y Nine