Wallie Cup – Montréal, Canada

On the 27th of October, 2012, the National Wallie Cup took place in Montréal. Originally invented by Pontus Alv, owner of Polar Skateboards in Sweden, Yan Tremblay the head behind Projet45 and as of recently, owner of YTdistribution, threw the same contest this year in Montréal, before hurricanes or earthquakes come to destroy our lovely Canada.

Last summer Dennis Busenitz won the contest with a nice wallie over 115.5cm (45.5″). But the world record has just been changed by J.F. Taillon from New Brunswick with an amazing 118.5cm (over 46.5″)! Congrats to him and thanks to all the people who came! See you next year.

Photos + Words: Babas
For more photos from Babas, check out his blog.

Andrew McGraw. Transfer to Bluntslide.

Jessy Ramirez. Wallie over the 2×4″s.

Jessy Ramirez. Wallie Backside 180, Montréal

Jessy Ramirez. Wallie Tailbone.

Jessy Ramirez. Hurricane Sandy.

Ludo Charbonneau. Wallie transfer crailslide.

Marcus Marcoux. Boneless noseblunt.

Marcus Marcoux. Backside Nosepick.

Marcus Marcoux. Texas plant.

J.F. Taillon. Wallie over eight 2×4″s. 118.5cm. World Record!

JF Taillon. Wallie World Champion. Holding up a photo of now destroyed (and rebuilt as Port Land) Black Cross Bowl.

P45 crew.

Chillin’ at the Polar Booth.

Polar Skate company booth.

Polar Skate Co. booth.