Alter Street / South Philly Bowl – Philadelphia

On Saturday September 22nd, 2018 the massive skateboarding community of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came together for a great cause! Live music, food, beverage, and raffles paved the way for an awesome night of celebrating 11 years of indoor skateboarding in Philadelphia. The fundraiser went OFF!

Over the past 11 years Scott Kmiec has provided Philadelphia with the most iconic indoor DIY facility which most call “the South Philly bowl.”  The 3,000 sq ft wooden bowl featuring pool and brick coping is truly a work of art. With art shows, concerts, skate events, and fundraisers alike this facility has maintained its presence in the skateboard community locally and nationwide. The time has come for us to relocate due to major gentrification in South Philadelphia, but worry not, THE FUTURE IS NOW. Recently, Andrew Walker from the Philadelphia Skateboard Supply (@phillyskatesupply) has found a new home for the famous South Philly bowl only nine blocks from the current Alter Street location. This new facility (@whartonstwarehouse) is going to be retrofitted by 5th Pocket Skateparks in early December 2018. The goal is to salvage as much of the current ramp as possible while implementing some of the unique features that currently exist at Alter Street. We encourage all skateboarders to visit Alter Street before construction begins. Our final event at Alter Street will be held on October 27th. This is our annual halloween skate jam which will include costumes, bands, food and beverage, and as always SKATEBOARDING! For more information on the new Wharton Street Warehouse please email us at Cheers!

Words by Andrew Walker
Photos by Brandon Monahan

Alder. Ollie over the hip

Frontside ollie

Andrew Metzger. Lien to tail

April Nowacki. Backside grind nosegrab

April Nowacki. Backside 50-50 roll in


Beer Me

Beer Me

Beer Me

Beer Me

Chuck Treece / McRad

Greg Pachell. One foot frontside standup grind nosegrab

Greg Pachell. Frontside slash grind

Greg Pachell. Layback air

Backside bean plant to boneless

Frontside tailblock

Ishod Wair. Lien to tail

Jesse Clayton. Frontside crooked grind

Terry Fenningham. Varial layback air

Travis McKayle / The Bad Ups