Wharton Street Warehouse – One Year Anniversary Party 

Words and Photos by Brandon Monahan

Raffles, food, and skateboarding to celebrate the birthday of Philly’s indoor bowl. The party was full of non-stop bangers from everyone who showed up.

Wharton Street Warehouse would like to give a huge thank you and shout out to 5th Pocket Skateparks, for helping to build the bowl, and a big thank you to all the members and supports who keep this place running. We couldn’t do it without the Philadelphia skateboarding community!

Video by CaliBound Productions

Tyler Yuraszeck. Crailslide

Alder Wilson. Stalefish

Paulie Woodring @gnarjersey. Christ Air

Andrew Metzger. Backside smith grind

Mark Groves. Frontside Rock’n’Roll

Paulie Woodring. Judo tailblock

Tyler Yuraszeck. Invert Revert

Tyler Yuraszeck. EggPlant

Paulie. Invert drop to the crete

Hans Frank. Slob

Paulie Woodring. Layback frontside standup grind

Mark Groves. Sal Flip

Paulie Woodring. Japan Air

Hans Frank. Tuckknee

Paulie Woodring. Slob fast plant

Andrew Metzger. Frontside ollie

Mark Groves. Heel hang

HansFrank. Frontside Layback Grind

Mark Groves. Fast plant

HansFrank. Lien air

Enrique Santiago. Truck bash

Mark Groves. HeelaMonster

Caroline Duerr. Layback  frontside standup grind

Anthony Sardella. Backside Tailslide

Paulie Woodring. Backside Boneless

Hans Frank. Frontside Air

Anthony Andrews. EggPlant

Paulie Woodring. Tailbone

Andrew Metzger. Lien to Tail

Tyler Yuraszeck. Frontside Air

Enrique Santiago. Wall Plant

Paulie Woodring. Sadplant

Follow the bowl at @WhartonStWarehouse on Instagram and for membership information, contact WhartonStWarehouse@Gmail.com