Bliss Bowl extension – Portland, Oregon

“One thing I’ve learned from having my own DIY bowl has been how to turn a problem into an opportunity. I like to try things and see how they work out, which sometimes leaves me with a little extra repair work to do, and that can be a chance for the bowl to evolve over time.

The latest issue that came up was a whole section of coping that kept breaking loose. After a few failed attempts fixing it, I realized this was a time to make a creative change. Where coping and mortar weren’t really working, I could drill in and secure a block wall way better.

To add to the excitement, I was even able to get some really beautiful exposed aggregate coping from Tedder Stone. Phil trimmed the blocks down to fit my new wall, and I recycled the leftover ends for a perfect slappy curb.

The new wall came out pretty gnarly, but it really added a challenging feature to the bowl. With DIY spots we get to experiment and take risks, and this time it paid off!”  – TJ Schick

Skaters:  TJ Schick , Aiden Eley, Jacob Fisher

Photos by Jamie Jacobson

TJ. Frontside corner air off the extension

Aiden Eley. Front rock

Jacob Fisher. Heela Monster

TJ. Backside smith grind

Aiden. Frontside pivot

TJ. Backside hurricane

Jacob. Peterblunt

TJ. Frontside pivot

Jacob. Backside smith

TJ. Frontside slash grind

Jacob. Frontside ollie truck bash

TJ. Backside tailblock