Parisite DIY: New Orleans, Louisiana

PARISITE DIY is the skate park of New Orleans. It is located on and named after Paris Avenue. Formed in 2012 after the demolition of, “The Peach Orchard.” The old park had also had other names like, “hippy spot, hippy slab, 610 skatepark, etc. We now have a non-profit that we’re using to try and get some grants so we can work more rapidly on the park. We have a pretty strict fundraising, and building schedule to help us keep busy.

We are in the running to earn up to $25,000 through a local grant. Click on the link, and search for, “PARISITE,” or “FUNK BABY,” please vote for us, it should only take you a few minutes. the contest runs through Jan 18, 2013.

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Parasite or Die.

Benefit Show for Parisite DIY Skatepark

Benefit Show for Parisite DIY Skatepark in New Orleans.