Skate and Tritons – Chamrousse DIY – French Alps

“In the French Alps, where mountains soar,
A skatepark gleams, a sight to adore,
Beside a lake, where waters glisten,
Skaters gather, their spirits risen.

With graceful curves and ramps so grand,
This haven crafted by skilled hands,
The wheels dance freely, they take flight,
In the alpine air, pure delight.

And by the shores, where memories flow,
The clink of glasses, laughter aglow,
Beer flows like a mountain stream,
A toast to joy, a skater’s dream.”

Words, video and photos by David Kendlbacher @dvdbaker

Eliott Barral. Crailslide over the door

Jean Panteleo. Frontside transfer

Jeroen Bruggeman. Invert over the tunnel door

Victor Pellegrin

Jean Pantaleo. Indy kickflip transfer

Jeroen Bruggeman. Tailbone over the hip

Kid Oost. Frontside transfer

Jojo Caralho transfer

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