Team Trouble 2023 – Laax, Switzerland – Video Recap

Team Trouble 2023 – Video recap

“Team Trouble 2023 was far more than what we ever hoped it could be. The level of skating.. So many NBDs! The crowd.. You people were loud! And the energy.. we got so much positive feedback. Impossible to wrap it all up in one edit, so we decided to let you cherish those special moments among your friends and ‘just’ edited a clip with of some of the finest skaeboardering we could find on our drives.”

Cameras: Pierre Pauselli @funisdead / Shqipron Bobaj @bobaj / Jon Wolf @jon__wolf / Yves Marchon @yvesmarchon

Edit: Sean Nguyen @seantoe

Sound: Skeleton Coast @skeletoncoastband / Goblyns @_goblyns_

Location: Freestyle Academy LAAX

Team Trouble 2023 – Laax, Switzerland – FULL FINALS DAY LIVE REPLAY

The Team Trouble is a skateboarding event with a different flavor. Instead of skaters competing one by one, they battle in teams and show crazy team combos. Complete mayhem is going down in the bowl of the Freestyle Academy. And you can be part of live in the livestream!

With hosts Stu Smith and Sean Nguyen are commenting from the booth and will interview a bunch of interesting guests during the breaks.

Team Trouble 2023 is presented by:


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