Filmed by theFILMERD

Monolito is a curb that was built by a bunch of skaters and left at 29 de Março Square, our second home in Curitiba, Brasil. The intention was to explore the creativity and the general vision of that space through the eyes of different skaters from Curitiba, transporting our glorious stone to many unusual spots in the square, questioning what is skatable or not. The preference of the tricks was given to slappies and wallies, but we confess that we turned our views for a few tail bashes here and there. The result of all the process was this massive frenzy, 11 minute long video with 34 skaters grinding (or sliding) their mark on the curb.

The film was produced purely independent by theFILMERD collective during a five month period with lots of alcohol ingestion – yes, our livers are thanking us. Just like the video, the music, which belongs to underground music scenes in Brasil, is also independent.

Summing up, Monolito is a video documenting the whole process of constructing a curb (especially when nobody really knew how before and  still not sure if we know now), getting a lot of types of skaters together and fraternize with the basic and original premise of only skatin’.

Nowadays the real stone is not among us anymore but its successor, PEDRARASTA, is making its journey through 29 de Março Square  gathering people around everyday reaching the simple goal to just skate. Enjoy it!

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