Burnside 32 years – Halloween

Photos by Olga Aguilar
Words by Dirk Slasher

As hallows eve rolled around this year, Burnside skatepark celebrated its 32 years of life.

32 years of DIY skateboarding that has endured its surroundings of urban development.

Warlocks, witches, ghouls and skate demons congregated at the only place in this mortal world to shred and pay tribute to the DIY Mecca, none the less to mention the ultimate master piece of Jay Meer and Crew embodied on the walls of this of the holy land or should I say Unholy!!

Till next year!!

Noah Johnson. Frontside tailblock layback
Ramos Kadem. Frontside carving
Fakie lipslide
Jimmyboy Roy. Frontside tailblock
TJ Schick. Invert
Ramos Kadem. Backside boneless
Frank Shaw. Backside air
Joe Storm. Invert
Jordan. Stalefish
Kaden Ramos. Backside 360 air nosegrab
April. Backside ollie
Nina Aguilar. Backside ollie
TJ Schick. Frontside Invert
Noah Johnson. Frontside Air
Jimmyboy Roy. Crail slide
Frank Shaw. Backside rock’n’roll
Ramos Kaden. Slob plant
Sid Murrell. Backside air
TJ Schick. Frontside grind around the corner
Tyina. Backside carving

Intern Artwork by Dirty…

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