BBC DIY – south France

Photos by Alban Pernet (@albanpernet)


The pool has now been completed for a year. It took us two years to dig it entirely by hand.

The BBC DIY team took care of the manufacture of the copings, death box, light and steps… this project was an incredible experience for us which was born thanks to your many donations. We thank you a lot of your trust and your precious help!

In view of your generosity and your enthusiasm for the projects carried out within BBC DIY, we ask you one last time, in order to enlarge the spot in different stages: cradle, snake run, big suspended curves, and then merge everything together with bigger, longer curves, we will need a significant amount of concrete so therefore a lot of money.

We then made the decision to post a new kitty / fundraiser for all those who would like to participate as they can in this / these project(s). Indeed, even the smallest help means a lot to us. 1 packet of cement = 5euros.

We remind you all the same that the spot is on private land. Everyone is welcome to come and skate with us, but also to share good times in our little paradise. If you want to come too, just contact us on Instagram: @barbecuediy.

For the past few months, a chalet on the spot has been dedicated to the association and volunteers in order to to welcome everyone warm even in winter! For the past few weeks, work has resumed with the construction of a 1m80 high door, half a volcano and a big speed bump.

Despite our motivation, the only problem in our project remains for us the financing..

A huge jam and the first big session in the pool will be organized at the end of the work to celebrate with you!

On this occasion, we will show you the preview of a Vans documentary about DIY movements while introducing you to the actors of the different spots in France.

The whole bbc team thanks you again for your help for all the past years. (hope you are just as much generous this year haha!!)



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