El Gochu mini ramp contest – Noreña, Spain

Finals at El Gochu and a few bonus shots after.
Finales en El Gochu y algunos bonus shots después.


Photos: J. Hay

Adrian Moreno. Stalefish

Iyan Rivas. One foot frontside grind

Andrés Castro. Backside kickflip in

Mario. Kickflip to Fakie

Iyan Rivas. Invert

Andrés Castro

Adrian Moreno. Stand up frontside grind

Enrique Giles. Salad grind

Adrian Moreno. Fingerflip lien to tail

Gabri Salazar. Front blunt

Andrés Castro. Blunt to fakie

Iyo smith stall on the railing to disaster

Adrian Moreno. Kickflip to fakie disaster

Gabri Salazar. Crookesd grind

Andrés Castro. Switch ollie

Enrique Giles. Frontside ollie

Andrés Castro. Hardflip to fakie ?

Andrés Castro. Hardflip to fakie ?

Enrique Giles. Frontside disaster

Andrés Castro. Crail air

Agus. Stand up frontside grind

Daih. Stand up frontside grind

Olaf @olaf_artesania wallie on the portable metal slab

El Gochu 2022 concert and rampside with Molante and Bad Cream

El Gochu crew. Jaime, Dani, Iosu, Olaf.


MC Captain Jairo and the judges

Markus Guaje

Coto y amigo

Guillaume and his girlfriend from France

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