La Curva Skatepark: Zapopan, Jalisco – Mexico

La Curva Skatepark built in the city of Zapopan in Jalisco, Mexico, a state that is known for the origins of tequila just recently opened a new skatepark with street features and a mid size bowl with a over-vert capsule, oddly enough next door you have the commissary of public safety (C.O.P.S) building, but that still won’t stop the excessive shredding in this park having good flow lines making it a fun place to hang out. This park is an example of the growth of skateboarding being backed by local authorities.

Photos Olga Aguilar
Words by Dirk Slasher

Alexei Navarro. Frontside air
Aaron Flores. Andrecht
Evan Osiris. Backside air
Gabriel Vazquez. Frontside ollie
Jhossan.  Fastplant
Nina Aguilar. Frontside ollie
Sofia Castañela. Backside feeble
Yael Pratz. Frontside crailslide
Isaac Hernandez. Andrecht

Now let’s get some tequila!!

– Dirk Slasher

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