Hellride / / Koff race – Finland

“I used to organize a race back home in Quebec city Canada. It was in the middle of the night and went through the entire city, everyone at the same time, on a kilometer and a half course. Some places  you had to push, but in Quebec city being built on a hill, there were some pretty gnarly pitches. I remember seeing people’s faces after the race, excited about having survived and just genuinely happy about sharing the experience with friends.

So when I moved to Finland, I really wanted to do something similar. While drinking in Koff park, I thought it would be the perfect place. First of all the name Koff comes from the beer. It’s pretty much the Finnish equivalent of Pabst Blue Ribbon and the Koff brewery used to be located there, and the course itself is fun and relatively ”safe”.

The format had to be changed a bit since it’s short and narrow. So the tournament format was the way to go. Plus, it lasts longer and you get to see people race more than once. My friend Oki at MFT skateshop has been helping me out since day one and Marius hopping on the mic was an easy choice.

As for the rail this year, it’s been a fantasy of mine for many years now. And with the help of my friend Kyy at Helwood Oy, we made it happen. I honestly didn’t think so many people would even dare to try it. It was about 10.5 meters long, the water was shallow and the bottom is full of those big stones. The run-up and landing getting absolutely wet and slippery did not help anyone either!

It was probably the best day of my life and I can’t believe I got to share it with all my friends and so many people. I can’t thank them all enough, as well as all our sponsors. OJ, Vans, MFT, and all the local companies who helped me out. I love you.”

Photos by Nauris Dollins
Words by Marc -Antoine Marcoux

Pablo de Juan. Kickflip indy
Backside 540 nosegrab
Chris Russell. Frontside standup grind
Chris Russell. Lien air
Chris Russell. Frontside invert
Koff Race downhill
The Crowd
Pat Duffy
Coffin beertransport
Pat Duffy. Frontside smith
Pablo de Juan.. 5-0
RawMuju. Boardslide
Pablo de Juan. Backside feeble
Emilio. 50-50

Slam cam:

Pablo De Juan – shootout
Cristian Navarette – Dive in
RawMuju – Bail of the day

Koffin Vauhtikisat 2022
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