Chateau Melle – Squat Pool – Belgium

For those who don’t know, this bowl was built by the Concrete Dreams crew in a squat in Melle in an old swimming pool with the original pool cooping to make some proper noise!

We from Jean Jaques and Vans were honored to organize a bowl jam together during the final party at this unique location. We were blasting 90’s sing along songs through the speakers around the bowl who overwhelmed the punk rock and metal bands who were playing in the same room. So people were dancing in this 90’s vibe around the skateboarding madness that was going on in the bowl whilst other people were crowd surfing five meters further – what a mix!

It was a magical evening, listed as legendary for those who were lucky enough to be there. Thanks a lot to everybody from the squat to make this happen. Massive respect for you all!


– Benne / Jean Jaques

Photos: Nicola Debernardi @dobermaniproduction

Pieter de Clus. Lien to disaster faster then a Cheetah
Jeroen Bruggeman grinding on his small old school nose in the deep end
Nick Bax. Frontside feeble at ease through the corner
Matteo – one the new generation of Mechelen locals – flipping it backside over the ladder
Jeroen Bruggeman touching the coping upside down the way he likes it the most
Guillaume Guenée aka Bad Brains came all the way from France to go for this 5-0 shovit fakie in the deep end
Great to see Kevin back on board with a lay back grind after his serious head injury last year
Fabian Daucher blasting this stalefish over the ladder
Bad Brains with some good brains for getting this nosebonk done
Jeroen Bruggeman full speed lipslide through the corner with some horse power
Toon Dierckx flying tucknee high above the ladder
Shredrick layback to fakie in proper old school style


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