Skate Days Alte VHS, Traumspot Nr. 2 – Germany

Photography, Art, Archaeology and more by Jo Hempel

Bird’s eye perspective of Alte VHS. Photo: Jojo Weber

“In September 2018, the Rhizom e.V. culture club “rented” the former public education school in Bonn for one month to celebrate the clubs 10th anniversary. Two weeks later the rent got extended to three months. In December 2018 the 900 sqm, quality downtown location in front of the state courthouse became Bonns first autonomos sociocultural center. Till now.

Music room, screenprint, salon, childrenchaosroom, workshop, atelier, basementclub, darkroom, several meeting rooms, gallery, concert room, sportsroom, playroom, jungle toilet and much more have been inside the building who became known as “Alte VHS“.

Run 100% honory. Lefty utopian style – nobody gets paid.

During the exhibition “Jo Hempel – relicts of passion” 2019 the house got in first real contact with skateboarding, including some heavy wallride related sessions.

Jim Romer. Frontside ollie at the Finissage.

For me, being with the house since the first seconds as part of the organization structure, a skateboard ending was the only ending a building like that I could imagine.

No politics, no debates, just skateboarding.

RIP Alte VHS September 16th 2018 – January 4th, 2022

Welcome to Traumspot Nr 2 – Bonn, Germany, December 19th 2021 till january 4th 2022. RIP too.

Two weeks of building and skating, 99% recycled materials.

Every idea needs the one person who feels it first and joins in bringing it to live, Timon. Mikkel brought the tools and had the construction expertise, Lukas mostly took care on the daily.

All the people who came helped and skated.

All the people who have been there making the Alte VHS the place to be in Bonn for 3 years.

Thank you!

Skate and create till the end! ” – Jo Hempel

Construction crew. Photo: Katja Sterzik

Patrik Kurtz. Backside losi
Lukas Magnin. Backside wallride.
Patrik Kurtz.  Backside lipslide to sugarcane
In between repairs
Patrik Kurtz. Nosebonk.
Jim Romer. Kickflip Footplant
Lukas Magni. Kickflip in the bank from the platform
Jim Romer. Heelflip over the couch
Felix Helle. Ollie to Fakie.
Jim Romer. Backside tail block
Construction break

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