Sin Ollie 6 – Javier Saavedra

Filmed by: Nahikari Pérez and Jose Luís Ouzande
Additional filming: Angel VP, Adri Rivadulla, David Quintela, Alex “titanio”, Hector Heredia “Chetos”, Majada, Xesc Alomar, Urtzi Unanue, Iván Malvido, Alejandro Bouzo, & Nacho.

Artwork: Adrián Vilanova @jelly.billy
Music: Le Rubrique “Children of the 80´s”

Thanks to: Cruzade Skateboards, Maroña Wheels, Skate Hasta Que Me Mate, Sport 2002 dist. and All the Fat Skateshop.

Javier Saavedra. Portrait by: Nahikari Pérez

Layback to nose in Embarca. Basauri, Basque country. Photo: Nahikari Pérez

Boneless 5-0 in Ribeira. Galicia, Spain. Photo: Nahikari Pérez

Wallie board kink in Pontevedra. Galicia, Spain. Photo: Nahikari Pérez

Push 50-50 drop in Vigo. Photo: Nahikari Pérez

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