Wald 2021 Summer Tour

Summer 2021, with the spectre of lockdowns, border tests and other problems of modern times, we opted to stay close to home and visit some of the local realities that rock.

From Genoa, between Classic spots, beer and baths, to Arenzano for a couple of tricks while waiting for Gioprof’s fat fishing.

Evening at the wild bowl tasting fried anchovies and pool cement!

Therapeutic baths in mystical rivers, two tricks and off to our HQ in Monferrato.

A couple of days in the hills skating skate farm and our DIY and then off to Turin where the party as always is the host as well as skate Parco Dora and Mennea, the two new skateparks in Turin!!!

Tired but happy, we came back home.

Thanks for the support!

Fulvio Vignolo
Federico Fontanella
Liam Galli
Carlo Schievano
Roberto Spesso Sacchetti

Thanks for the hospitality:
Luca SkateFarm
Gioprof Wild Bowl
piazzale Valdo Fusi

Wild Bowl Savona

Riccardo Manganelli
Carlo Schievano

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